Thursday, March 29, 2007

all by myself

well, i havent posted anything this week mostly because not much has gone on! dan is doing well with school. it is kind of weird that he has a roommate again. he only has about 5 or 10 minutes to talk to me each day so i am really excited to go see him this weekend.

i have been busy with my internship. im trying really hard to finish before easter so i can go somewhere for easter and stay for my birthday. i really wish i had my flight benefits! im starting to worry about the job hunt, hopefully i can get on somewhere pretty fast.

i have to leave for work, i hope you are all having a fun spring break! love you!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

officially unemployed

dan and i are both officially unemployed for a few days! its kind of scary but atleast it wont last longer than the weekend! dan finished his last day at mesa air on thursday! we were so excited to put it behind us. he will start ground school for skywest on monday. he left this morning to drive to salt lake (where they have ground school) so he will have a car. it was REALLY hard for me to say goodbye this morning. im not really sure why he can leave every week, but this week im upset! i wish i could have driven with him but i wont have my flight privledges for a few more weeks.

i dont really have anything else exciting to report. im doing well with my externship. im going to be applying to get hired there after i finish my hours. i enjoy my work there and i feel like im learning a lot. hopefully i will be able to go see dan in utah next weekend for conference, but we will have to see. im a little worried about being alone in arizona for my birthday, but hopefully i will have a busy day at work and i wont have to think too much about it! i hope you are all doing great! love you

Monday, March 19, 2007


about 1-2 hours before i was going to head to the airport on sunday i got an automated phone call that said my flight was delayed and i would miss my connection, call to make different arrangments. i called the phone number right away and it said i would have a 30 to 40 minute wait on hold! mandy, emma, and i jumped in the car to see if i made it to the airport maybe i could make it on a different flight. no such luck. they booked me on a different airline for this morning.

when i got to the airport this morning they could not find my reservation! i waited in line at american for them to tell me to go back to us airways and wait in line there! when i got to us air i was a little upset, but i cant say much because if i make a big fuss they could take my flight privledges away, even though i wasnt using them! so the lady booked me to atlanta on delta, where i had to switch planes AND airlines (that was fun). in atlanta i was starving but i didnt have any cash and i had lost my credit card! i flew us air from atlanta to phoenix. when i got on the last flight a man sat right next to me and pulled out a big delux take out breakfast... he ate the whole think while i just drooled!

im really surprised my luggage made it to phoenix because it would be just my luck!!! i dont think this would have bothered me at all if i was flying non-rev, but i had a full fare ticket! i feel bad, i think i was stressing mandy out. when dan picked me up from the airport i got in the car and just starting bawling! he was such a nice guy, he picked up cafe rio for me on the way home (my favorite)!

i had such a great time on my trip, isnt the before church picture of emma and i so cute! i really enjoyed playing with her "friends" t-blossom, flower, julie, and merta. she is the most imaginitive little girl i have ever met. it is so fun for me to spend time alone with them, i really get to see what an amazing mother mandy is. i know im having a hard time with the whole having kids thing, but mandy makes me see how important it is. i was really amazed the grasp emma has on the church. mandy reads the book of mormon to her every night. on sunday while mandy was getting ready for church emma and i watched a book of mormon story movie. i was really surprised how well she knew the story! she is so smart! she also has the sweetest things to say. she always remembers to say i love you, she even gave me a kiss to hold in my hand for dan. i really feel lucky that i have such an amazing family that can always keep me grounded.

it was nice to see nellie when i got home, even though she is mad at me for leaving her. she wont be lovey to me for a few days after i pick her up! dan just left on his very last mesa trip... i dont think it could have come soon enough! im really excited for him to start at skywest, im just not looking forward to him being in ground school because he will be away so long.

i hope everyone else had a great weekend! hopefully the next one to go see mandy will have better luck with their flights!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

i dont want to go home!

here is emma and i after we got ready for church. we had a really fun day today. we watched a movie about alma the younger before church, then we went to church, then we came home and played! it has been too short of a weekend, i cant believe i have to go home tonight. i wish i could stay longer, but im sure nellie is very anxious for me to get home. i also am looking forward to watching the greys anatomy i tivoed on thursday. i have a busy week ahead of me but hopefully i will be able to get around to organizing my scrapbooking room! dan will be leaving for ground school next weekend. im not looking forward to being alone but atleast our airconditioner is working again! have a good sunday!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

so busy!

we are having so much fun! yesterday we played, played. played. we played so hard i didnt even go to sleep after my LONG red eye flight! we played for a while on the boat at the mall. emma and i kept eachother company while mandy got to look in the scrapbook store. there are these pipes on the boat that you can talk through. emma got on one side of the boat and i got on the other and we talked to each other through the pipes. she would just yell "chelsea- its emma. i love you! you are the best friend ever!" she is so funny. i must admit other kids miss out on fun aunts- i was the only grown up on the whole boat! i was also very lucky to watch barbie repunzel last night! i fell asleep while mandy was putting emma to bed at 8:45- which is 5:45 at my house!

today we are going to go see strawberry short cake at the movie theater, and then maybe to target or somewhere. we hope walking around doesnt hurt/ swell mandys feet, but if it does we can come back to the house to play! emma is wearing the cute green shirt grammie sent her... i packed so fast i forgot to pack something green! hopefully i dont get pinched too many times.

grammie- emma says she loves you and she wants you to come play soon. she also says happy st. patricks day from her school (whatever that means!).

Friday, March 16, 2007

here in louisville

well i already am having tons of fun! today we went to lunch and to the mall. after that we played at home and did mandys hair. emma is keeping me very busy. we took a few fun pictures on the computer. emma likes the funny one. have a good day, im sure i will post more later

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


the last few days have been so super busy. everything is going great with my externship, i would really enjoy working for them when im done. our airconditioner isnt working so it is (after 9 pm) 87 degrees in our upstairs!!! we just got back from the pool because i could hardly handel it. here are dans halfway pictures of his pond. tomorrow he is working on covering the liner (the black part) and also the waterfall. im really excited to go see mandy and emma tomorrow... even though im on the worst flights ever! im flying red eye there with one layover and i have two layovers on the way back! i guess thats what happens when you book last minute (to moms sisters- insert susie joke here). i hope everyone is having a good night.

Monday, March 12, 2007


so i know this is a totally lame picture (and im really hoping it even turns out) but today was my first day on the job being a phlebotomist. i really wanted to put a picture on but dan is out of town so i had nobody to take one!

i had a lot of fun at my first day. i did 34 draws today! i feel like im doing really well and i really enjoyed the ladies i work with. i know it is totally different from doing hair but i think that is what i need right now. i hope you all had a good monday too! love ya

Sunday, March 11, 2007


today we had a special meeting at church, where we only had to go for sacrament meeting. they have decided to split our ward. i am really sad to see some of my kids from primary go to the other ward, especially trailon, a boy who is being adopted into a family in our ward! now instead of having 15 six year olds on my own for primary i will probably have more like 9. this will still be a big class but i think i can teach them better with fewer kids. sometimes right now i feel like i say shhhh so much i don't think i get anything across except to trailon. he is so new to the church that he is really interested in everything i have to say. he doesnt understand the whole 2 1/2 hours of church (we have 5 wards in our building so we go 2 1/2 hours instead of 3) i think he came from some sort of southern baptist background. he always wants to give the prayer, and in his most sincere way he belts out everytime "we want to thank you, Jesus!" just like the black southern baptist preachers do! at least he always throws in a " we thank you for Joseph Smith"! it doesnt look as funny in writing as it sounds! all of the other 6 year olds always have a look of shock and confusion when he prays!

im really starting to look forward to starting my externship tomorrow, and especially to go see mandy and emma this weekend! everybody remember to keep daddy in their prayers! i had pneumonia last year and it was awful! i took 2 weeks off work but i doubt dad will do that! i love you guys and hope to see you soon!

Saturday, March 10, 2007


today was not only nellies birthday but also dans day to quit his job!!! dan gave his two weeks notice via email last night, i think he slept better than he has in weeks. we are finally able to see the end light at mesa. we are so excited to start new at skywest, and for dan to have so many more days off a month!

we also went to another cubs game yesterday. we sat on the lawn picnic style! the game was a lot of fun but it was 90 degrees and we were in the sun (atleast i got a little bit of a tan!) spring training is a lot of fun, anyone who hasnt been should come out to see it sometime. too bad the cubs lost to the rangers! it was nice to have katie and tyson here, they left to go back to dreary, cold utah this morning! dan and i are hoping to get to an angels game in the next week or so.

dan has one trip this morning and then we are planning to sit by our pool all afternoon! im so excited to sit and relax with dan, i feel like i havent spoken to him in weeks! i guess we better enjoy it now before i go to externship on monday and he leaves on the 25th for a few weeks at ground school!

Friday, March 9, 2007


today is nellies special day, she turns 2! i cant believe we got her almost 2 years ago, it helps so much to have her when dan is gone so much and im alone. she got this collar and shirt for her birthday... i know im going to be made fun of for that but she is our baby!
today we have plans to go to another spring training game so i will probably post more pictures later! i miss and love you all!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

i am amazing... or atleast mandy is!

mandy finally told me how to get my pictures on my blog! im really excited i can start showing all of you pictures. the upper right picture is dans sister katie and her husband tyson. above is dan and i at the cubs game yesterday. to the left is the unfinished pond in my yard... hopefully it will be done soon!
today was my last day of school. my final grade in the class was a 99%! im really excited to be finished and headed into externship. i was assigned a lab about 3 blocks from my house where i will work for 4 weeks then hopefully gain employment there! i also finished my last day of work for a few weeks, im really glad i am able to take off work during my externship and focus on getting the experience i need! tomorrow will be my first full day off in a long time, im looking forward to a really special day but i will have to write about the festivities tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

a good day for a ball game

i was holding off posting because i finally found a cord to put pictures on... now i have to figure out how to use it. i even took pictures today to post, i will get this down eventually!

yesterday dans sister katie and her husband tyson came to visit us. we have a lot of fun when they come. we went to a spring training game for the cubs today, we had a lot of fun even though i am so tired!

i had my lab practical today. we have to do everything from drawing the blood to processing it. i got a 99%! tomorrow is my last day of school!!! i have a big final tomorrow, then i start my internship on monday! im excited to work out in the real world, not just on eachother (it helps that i wont have to get my blood drawn everyday, too!).

mandy- i was going to call you about your hair to offer anyways. i figured it would be a good time to get everyone cleaned up before the baby comes! just let me know if you liked what we did last time or you want to change it. i should find out my schedule tomorrow so i will know what day i can come.

i hope everyone is doing okay, sorry i have been so busy lately! im really falling behind on my traveling! the only place i have been this whole year (including any trips to moms) is to see my niece get baptised last month. i promise i will try and catch up with all of you soon! i love you all.

Monday, March 5, 2007

i still cant find my camera cord!!!

i just got home from school and i am supposed to be cleaning my house for my sister-in-law and her husband who are coming but i decided this would be more fun! i am still searching my house for my camera cord so i can put some pictures on here, i would have mom put some on from hawaii but im almost 50 pounds lighter so i would rather put a new pic on. we have been in our new house for almost 1 year and i still am missing several things!

today dan is driving all the way to california today to pick up some flagstone from my parents house. he is busy trying to finish our little pond in the back yard this week. it will be a long drive but he usually will have time to think and unwind on long trips. (imagine a picture here of the big pit in my yard that will soon be a pond)

i was able to look at moms post today and see how great lindsey is doing. whenever i am writing this im always curious if lindsey reads it and corrects all my spelling and punctuation. i also saw the link for robyn and kimberlys blogs. it was neat to check those out, they have such beautiful families! i can imagine robyn has a great role model in kimberly with raising her kids. i can imagine going to mandy or becky when i have kids for advise... and maybe at this rate lindsey and whitney too!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

im finally starting!

well, its only taken me a week to find the time to sit down and write a little! im really excited we can all keep in touch better this way, i think we should get dad to start a blog because his would be funny! i have been so busy with school and work and i am finally starting to see the end, my last day of school is on thursday! i will be starting my extership on monday the 12th, and i wont be working while im an extern so i will have a little more free time to breath!

last week i finally hit my 40 pound mark! im so excited, and im really beginning to see the change. im really happy starting next week i will have a little more time to devout to working out and cooking at home. ive only been getting to the gym 3-4 times a week and i would really like to step it up a little! i bought a dress for whits rehersal dinner and i really am going to have to work my butt off to get into it by then!!!

today i had primary, and instead of the usual 15 six year olds i have by myself i only had 11! it was a great break for me. i really love teaching the kids, and im greatful for each of their little spirits but they are a little overwhelming! there is one little boy who is in love with a girl in my class. he always wants to sit by her, and talk to her, and touch her! i had to remind him several times today to keep his hands to himself before moving him to the other side of the class... where he had the perfect veiw to stare at her!!!

i hope everyone is doing well tonight and we can all see eachother soon! i love you all!