Friday, August 6, 2010

First Big Accident

Today I had my first big accident with one of my kids. They have been sick and things like that, but never had to be rushed to the doctor because they were hurt. We were playing at a friends house when Logan stepped backwards off their porch and smacked his face on the edge of the porch. He immediatly had blood dripping everywhere, including his new shirt and mine. I basically left Brynlee there and ran right out of the house and down to instacare. He was so brave, he had to get 7 stitches. He cried a little for his dad (who is out of town, of course), but he was so good and held still for 6 of the 7 stitches. It could have been that I promised him ice cream and a train if he was good. I just felt so bad for him! Our fun little bruch/playdate ended way too fast, I didn't even get any pictures there! We will have to do it again soon ladies!

He is so happy with everyone making a fuss over him
laying on the "sick couch" at Grandma's.