Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Game

Now that Logan has decided he will only sleep in a big bed we have a new game. 1)Where will we find him asleep and 2)What time will he wander into our room and scream "Hi Mom, Hi Dad!!!"
Last night it was in between the crib and his bed. You can't really see it but he has both his blankets underneath him! Tonight was more fun. He fell asleep against the door. (from outside his room) Don't ask me how I pushed him away from the door, got through the door with my big belly, and got him into bed without waking him up!
Sunday morning he didn't come in until 8:30, yesterday at 6:30, this morning at 1:30am! It is hard to be upset when he is so excited to say goodmorning to us. This morning Dan got him back in bed and by the time Dan layed down Logan was already back on my side of the bed! Hopefully tonight goes better!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Catching Up

I'm going to have to come back and finally post about my vacation and Christmas when I'm feeling up to it later. We had a great time, we missed Dan, we are glad to be home (but it is entirely too cold here!). Hope everyone had a great Christmas!Logan got a worker man get up from my aunt and he loves to wear it...with or without clothes underneath!
P.S. only 48 days to go without a clue what we will be naming our baby girl. Any suggestions?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dear Santa, Define Naughty

After being gone for 11 days so far, Dan is ready for Logan to come home! We will still be here for another week so I figured I would post a few cell phone pictures to help Dan through!
We flew to California on a Monday. Flew to Utah the next Wednesday. Flew back to California the next Sunday. I think Logan feels like we unpack just to pack again!
Logan has been working to develop his big brother helper skills. He works really hard to help my sister Lindsey do EVERYTHING for her baby Gracie. He loves to hold her.He has decided he is only going to sleep in a big bed now. I guess it is a good thing because we were going to switch him out of his crib when the baby comes (in 59 days!).He loves to groove on the guitarLogan had a really fun dance party with his cousin Emma (He has actually had more than one, but all the other pictures are on my camera)His favorite part, Grandpa took him for a ride in his fork lift. My dad even let Logan pull the lever to lift the fork part up and down!

I cannot believe I didn't take any pictures of the miechevious he got into tonight. He was so difficult all afternoon, so I fed him and gave him a bath early. He peed in my parents pantry while I was trying to drag him to the bath. I finally got him bathed and dressed when it got very quiet. I found him on my moms nice carpet smearing Gracies powdered formula everywhere. He looked like he was covered in sand! As I undressed him to give him another bath he peed all over the entry way at my parents house. I gave him another bath (where the water looked milky from all the formula) but this time I put him right into bed!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Taking Off

Logan and I will be leaving in the morning for 17 whole days! We are sad that we have to leave Dan at home to work, but we will be home just in time for Christmas. Here is what we have been up to.
Logan loves to turn the fan on in his room when he wakes up in the morning.and then he loves to show us what he did!
Today we had one happy boy when he got up from his nap to warm cookies and milk on a cold winter day!He is such a sweet guy. He loves cookies, but he is always willing to share with Mommy!
Im not sure how much blogging we will do while we are gone, but we will be sure to update on our trip sometime! We can't wait to see everyone!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Phone Call

Today my sweet little 2 year old niece Sophie called to talk to Logan. As soon as he got on the phone she said "Hi Gogan! I miss you!". It was so sweet. Logan screeched and jabbered back at her, I think he was saying "I miss you too, can't wait to see you guys"!(obviously this is an old picture. I think it was taken a little more than a year ago. Sophie, only 13 months older and about the same size, really wanted to hold him!)