Monday, April 30, 2007

new blogger

for all of my family out there, i noticed jill skouson commenting on nicoles blog. i checked her profile and she has a blog now too (she hasnt posted yet). welcome jill!!! i am so excited you are going to join us, it is so fun getting to know so much more about each other! i cant believe we will both have our 5th anniversary this year. please post something soon. i added her on my blog list if you all want to check it out

first day on the job

today was my first day at my new job! i really miss the other site i was working at but i think i will like the place im at. it was really weird to go to work today after two whole weeks off! i wore really cute scrubs today, which helped because i hate wearing scrubs! i think nellie was really sad, i think she thought i was finally going to become a stay at home mom for her! dan got home this evening too. it will be nice to have him at home for 4 days! i feel like we havent spent anytime at home together! ( he has only spent 4 nights in his own bed in more than 6 weeks!). tomorrow i work 8-5, then i work doing hair from 5:30-9 (or later)! i dont know why i agree to do things like this... i think its my mother!

big shout out to jon!!! congrats on your boards! i cant wait for you to be able to work on dans teeth!

love you all... aunt debbie- we ARE going to rock! talk to you soon!

Friday, April 27, 2007

half way point pics

okay, here are the halfway point pictures. i cant believe im posting these! can you tell the one thing that hasnt really gotten any smaller?!!! oh, and yes, i am very sunburned

birthday and half birthday

i have two shout outs to give today. first- HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! im so glad dan and i got to be here today for it. i think you are the best dad and grandpa in the world.
today is also dans half birthday! happy 27 1/2! im glad we were able to go to the air museum yesterday to celebrate! your are the best husband ever! sorry you are old.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

im there!

i cant believe it, but i finally passed my half way point! notice my ticker says lost 50.5 pounds, 49.5 to go! i have really been working out hard lately, i really like my new trainer! he really keeps me moving through the whole workout, i lost a half pound just yesterday from my workout! dan and i are racing to lose 10 more pounds before whits wedding, i have already lost 1.5 pounds of the 10! when dan gets home maybe i will have him take a picture of me to post. maybe i should start posting pictures of my naked belly to show mine shrink while micheles grows?

i am a moron

well, dan is finally coming home to stay for 5 days, and i have the next 5 days off too!!! i was thinking last night of all the places we could go for 5 days- mexico, or even london... i am such an idiot! you would think when my husband got a job as an airline pilot i would apply for a passport since we can fly all over the world for free (or a VERY small fee), but no, i just applied for it yesterday! i sincerely hope the next time we have a week off together i will be smart enough to plan somewhere foreign to go!

i found out that i start work on monday. im really excited even though i have really enjoyed these few weeks off. i really wish dan would let me be a stay at home mom for nelly!

i hope all of you have been able to check out mandys blog to see my new niece! she is so beautiful! mandy sent a picture to my phone today and sophie looks a little less bruised, hopefully jon can get more pictures up soon! im so happy to have 4 beautiful healthy nieces. (dan knows he will be good for the first boy if nobody beats us to it!)

Monday, April 23, 2007

happy birthday sophie!

we are so excited that sophie FINALLY decided to join us! we cant wait to see her in a few weeks!

Friday, April 20, 2007

nice surprise

dan was able to change his schedule around a little so he could come home for the night! i am making dinner and doing his laundry while forcing him relax a little! (he is taking a hot bath right now, so i have a second to post!). it is so nice to see him, and especially to have him here at home! he leaves tomorrow for st. louis, im a little dissapointed he has to leave so soon but im releaved he was able to come at all! i hope everyone else is having a great friday night too!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

big score!

dan just called and told me HE GOT A PERFECT SCORE on his ground school final! i am so proud of him for working so hard, and i know it has been hard for him (and me too) to be away from home so much! he has only slept at home 1 night in the last 4 weeks!

for aunt debbie

last week when i was at moms house i watched american idol with whitney (which i have never watched before because, to be honest, the american idol freaks bother me). i decided i would tivo it and watch it this week (if i tivo it i can fast forward through the annoying parts). i was very pleased to find sanjaya was kicked off and i know aunt debbie was probably excited too! i think jordan should win!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

bad night, good day

anyone who read my moms blog already knows i had a rough night, but because im dramatic i decided i would tell you the whole story!

a few months ago we caught our next door neighbor (who is totally creepy) in our side yard. it was probably harmless... but once again i am totally dramatic! last night i kept hearing weird noises so i did what i usually do when dan is on the road- i call my mom (i usually cant call dan because he has to get so much sleep before he flies the plane, last night he didnt hear the phone!). my mom talked to me while i walked through my whole house and turned on every light. at about 3:30 i heard what sounded like someone drilling a hole through my backyard wall into the house. i totally skipped over mom right to call 911 (my second 911 call since moving to this house 13 months ago- but thats a different story). the cops got there and the first thing i noticed was the creepy neighbor right behind them, fully dressed with socks and tennis shoes on! convienent he was totally dressed and outside when the cops got there??? they checked everything out and there were a few things moved around. times like this i hate living here without any family- i totally would have driven to spend the night at my inlaws if we lived there!!! i bought a lock for our gate today but i got home and they didnt fit!

after such a long night i had to get up early to go workout with my trainer. i just switched trainers and this one totally kicks my you know what! ive been with him 2 days in a row and i cant really walk!

here is the GREAT news. today i ran to the mall because i broke my face powder and needed to buy some more. i kind of looked around for a dress for whits wedding and i did something amazing...
i went into ann taylor and i actually totally fit into the clothes! i dont rememeber the last time i bought something in a normal store that doesnt carry plus sizes (like nordstroms, old navy, ect.). i feel so good tonight, i kind of teared up a little telling dan about it... just knowing my hard work (and the pain of surgery) is really starting to pay off!

2nd good news-(for those of you who know my problem with stage freight when having to do urine test) i had to go get a drug test done for work today and i drank so much water that even with the lady in the room watching me i went right away! i wish i could have done that at the hospital last october!

i am so glad to see lindsey get back into posting! dont worry about last weekend, im sure i will catch up with you soon! hopefully i can sleep through the night tonight! love you!

Monday, April 16, 2007

pray for those...

i hope everyone has had a chance to watch the news today to see the horible events in virginia. i am such an emotional person, i totally sat and cried watching! i hope everyone can take just a moment to think about those who have been affected, think about those you love, and just how fragile life can be. we are so lucky to have eachother, and i hope all of you know how much i love each of you. i guess days like today show us how much we really have!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

ms walk 2007

today we did the ms walk in salt lake for my brother-in-law tyson. it was such a great experience, i loved walking through the finish line with everyone cheering and clapping. it was only 3 miles, but it was so nice for everyone to be there for support. we took a few really cute pictures i will add later when katie emails them to me.

the other reason i came to utah is to see dan. we are having a really fun weekend. we were able to meet one of my brother-in-laws girlfriend, who i think is absolutly adorable. i go home tomorrow... i didnt get to spend nearly enough time with dan and i wont see him for about 10 more days!!!

shout out to jon, who finished his boards! good job!

hopefully i will get the pictures posted in the next few days! love you!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

my birthday 100

mandy explained to me that on your birthday you post 100 things about yourself. i thought it looked really hard, but i did it this morning in about 1 hour! i guess i could have probably thought of better things if i took more time. i would love to hear anything you were surprised about, or anything you remember! mandy- im thinking of you. i think you need a good pedicure, a good book, and to just relax the next few days. i wish i was there to make you put your feet up!!!

1. I was born Chelsea Anne Kershaw April 10, 1983
2. I grew up with 4 sisters and no brothers
3. I really like that I came from all girls
4. I had a great childhood
5. I was married December 14, 2002. My name changed to Chelsea Anne Anderson
6. I don’t really like my married name because it sound like you are stuttering with the Anne Anderson
7. I am the one who chased my husband
8. I knew I would marry Dan after 2 or 3 dates
9. I took Dan a little longer
10. Nobody can make me laugh the way Dan can
11. I secretly like when Dan makes me laugh when we are arguing
12. My husband is an airline pilot
13. I don’t like that I spend most nights home alone
14. Every once in a while I like to be home alone
15. I am a total girl
16. I’m totally indecisive
17. I always change my mind
18. When I was little I loved anything with gold lame ruffles
19. I still kind of do
20. I also loved to play with shoes
21. I don’t feel like I have very many friends
22. I have lived in 5 states
23. I have moved 14 times
24. When Dan and I got married I could wait to get out of Utah
25. Now all I want is to move back to Utah
26. My whole life my nick name has been lady bug
27. When I was little my hair didn’t grow for a long time
28. When it did finally grow it looked like Rod Stewarts, white blonde, longer in back, standing up on top
29. When I was little I always wanted my daddy to hold me. As soon as he would put me down I would start begging “ hold me daddy”
30. I love to watch murder shows on court TV
31. I even like watching them when Dan is out of town
32. I think my husband is weary I’m collecting ideas
33. I started beauty school in Utah, I finished beauty school in Utah, I went to one in California in the middle
34. I signed up for a few classes at UVSC when I moved to Utah, but I never finished them
35. When I was in college my cousin called the cops on me. My roommate and I hid in the bushes from the cops
36. Most of my favorite times in college were spent with my cousin I hardly talk to now
37. I don’t really miss doing hair yet
38. I love drawing blood
39. My favorite is drawing blood on babies and little kids
40. I wish I had time to go back to school for nursing
41. I really enjoy cleaning my house except the dishes and vacuuming
42. Dan is the dish and vacuum guy at our house
43. I REALLY feel lucky I have the in-laws I do
44. From the moment I met Dan’s family I have felt like I belong there
45. It is kind of weird for me to have brother-in-laws
46. I really miss living near my brother-in-laws so I can be nosey and hear about their dating
47. My family feels like I talk really loud… my loud voice fits right in with my noisy in-laws!!!
48. I have enjoyed blogging way more than I thought I would
49. I love to sing
50. I think I know more words to more songs than anyone I know
51. I am an awful singer, I am always off key
52. I claim I sing to the tone of the ringing in my ears I have had since I was 18
53. I had a lap band surgery last October
54. I do not regret one second of it
55. I have lost almost 50 pounds
56. I will get into a size 8, I will get into a size 8, I will get into a size 8!
57. I think I am a really good cook
58. I like to serve people
59. Sometimes I drive my husband crazy trying to take care of him
60. I love anything flashy I can wear- big jewelry, bright colored clothes
61. I do my hair EVERY DAY, I cant stand not having it done
62. I am a total fish- I love to swim
63. I feel bad for my husband that he is so white (and freckly) and sunburns so easily
64. I love to lay in the sun and be in the water all day, my husband can only handle an hour or two without an umbrella, 50 SPF, and a shirt and hat!
65. Some of my favorite times are when we are with either of our whole families just hanging out and chatting
66. I am a total wimp with no pain tolerance
67. I enjoy our free travel
68. Hopefully soon we will go to Hawaii again and Europe
69. My goal is to go to Europe before we have kids
70. For most of my marriage I have felt like there is something wrong with my that I haven’t wanted to have kids yet
71. We have only been married 4 ½ years!
72. I never had braces, but I get complements on my teeth all the time!
73. I love being an aunt
74. I have 3 nieces and one more due any time
75. My husband hopes to have the first boy on both sides
76. I enjoy the heat in phoenix until august, then I just want to escape
77. I kind of like that we move around a lot because everything in our house gets cleaned out
78. One of my favorite people in this world is my Grandma Waalkes, I think she is really funny
79. I went to the price is right with friends when I turned 18
80. I think tivo is the best invention ever
81. I fell off my bike when I was 7 or 8 and I had to have my teeth wired in
82. I was with my dad! (Like many of my other accidents)
83. I almost drove through the window of a subway restaurant when I was learning to drive (with my dad)
84. I was the drum major of my middle school band and led them down main street in Disneyland
85. My fist kiss was at Disneyland
86. I look back on some events I couldn’t wait for, and I am relieved they never happened (does that make sense at all?)
87. I wish I could have changed some things about my wedding
88. I wish I knew how to be a better missionary, I love the gospel and wish I could better share it with everyone
89. I always felt like I looked up to my sister little Lindsey… I still feel like I do.
90. I wish there was no such thing as MS or epilepsy
91. I’m always amazed at what a great mom Mandy is
92. I always felt like I had the coolest, most fun parents out of any of my friends
93. I am very list oriented, I usually finish everything on my lists
94. I am a lot like my aunt Debbie
95. I love that my middle name is from my aunt Marcia
96. I always have really bad dreams
97. I love the color hot pink
98. I don’t like wearing scrubs, I wish I could wear a skirt everyday
99. Sometimes I feel like my life is at a stand still when everyone else’s life is going full speed.
100. I always feel so lucky that I have a husband who loves me, a family who cares about
me, and especially the gospel that feeds me spiritually

i hope you all have a great day. somebody out there eat a huge birthday meal for me... i forget what its like to be really full!!!

Monday, April 9, 2007

this picture is from last weekend in utah. dan looks a little goofy, but its the only recent one i could find on my moms computer. we had a really nice easter, dan and i decided to come to my moms house instead of stay home alone. i was going to come this week anyways. we had dinner at aunt marcias (dan loves going over there for dinner) and then he had to leave last night to go back to utah.

i cant believe tomorrow im going to be 24. i still feel like im 18, i dont feel like a grown up at all! i dont really have much planned for this week except we are doing the ms walk with dans family on saturday in salt lake. im really excited to go and show my support for my brother in law. i think since dan and i have moved to arizona we have realized how important our families are, and that we need to love and support them now more than ever.

other exciting news- i totally fit into a bunch of pants i didnt think i did! i have pretty much just been wearing scrubs the last 4 weeks so i havent tried on any of my "too small for me" clothes. i tried some of the clothes on saturday and a bunch of them fit! i had no jeans that fit but aunt marcia had sent me some jeans a few months ago and now they fit great. im sure aunt debbie can relate to this, i feel like i wont lose anything for a few weeks, i will start to get discouraged, then it seems like over night a bunch is gone!

i hope all of you are doing well, im looking forward to whits wedding so we can all be together!! love you!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

busy week

i have had such a crazy few weeks, i cant believe its finally over! last weekend i went to see dan in utah. we had a nice time, and it was fun to see our families at the same time. i was waiting for my mom to put up a picture of all of us, but i guess she decided to only show her younger girls!!!

i finished my externship yesterday so i am all finished with school. i probably wont start working for 2 weeks or so. dan came home last night. we have only slept in the same bed twice in the last 14 days! he will be finished with ground school on friday next week so hopefully he will be home more than one night a week.

i am scrubbing my house today while dan is studying. i finished the downstairs early this morning, now i need to start upstairs. i really want to get my craft room back together! i think i will be leaving tomorrow to go to my parents for my birthday. hopefully i will make it there to watch the bachelor with aunt marcia. i am ashamed to say i started watching it again this season. i used to watch it every week with michele the year i got married but i dont think i have watched it since then!

we are impatiently (not as impatiently as mandy) awaiting our new niece. i can just picture mandy jumping up and down and marching around her front room with emma following her around! jon- if she starts doing that get the video camera out!!! i hope everyone is doing well. love you!