Friday, November 30, 2007

Things Change

I have been told I never update my blog! Things have been crazy lately, Thanksgiving was wonderful and so nice to see my family. Everything is changing faster than I thought it would... I cant zip up a single pair of pants anymore!!! Im still down about 10 pounds and have not started gaining (that parts good!). The biggest change is my appetite. Im finally hungry after being so sick, but all I want is spicy food. Today for lunch I made a quesadilla with fresh spicy salsa, green chiles, and jalepenos in it! I cant get enough jalepenos right now, and I really dont like sweets very much. I hope all of you are doing good! Enjoy the season!
ps- I have a Doctors appointment on Tuesday... I hope we get to find out what we are having!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Stage Fright

Im sorry I havent posted in a while... my life seriously consists of going to work, coming home, eating dinner, going to bed! I have been so tired and sick that I havent really done much at all. Last weekend I made it down to my parents house for a short visit, it was wonderful! I took a long afternoon nap, and went to my favorite resturaunt Hibachis! Whitney, Ryan, Aunt Marcia, and Mackenzie all made it to dinner with us, it was so nice to visit with everyone. We were supposed to come back in time to go see my cousin Marty bless his baby but we slept in and went to church with my parents.

Now to the stage fright part: I have a serious problem with going to the bathroom on demand, such as in a doctors office. This morning I went to my 12 week appointment at the doctors. I loaded up on water this morning to help so I had to go really bad! When the Doctor came in to find the heartbeat I about died when he pushed on my stomach! My bladder was so full he couldnt find a heartbeat so he had me leave and go to the bathroom. When I got back he said he decided to use the ultrasound machine to find the baby, then look there for the heartbeat (he found both). It was so exciting to see my baby for the first time (and I double checked with the doctor... there is only one baby in there!). Dan is out flying and so dissapointed he didnt get to come, I promised I will work it out with his schedule next month. Everything looks good and healthy, and on track!

Whit is coming to town next week, she will only be here days I work but hopefully I can see her a few times. I cant wait!