Friday, May 29, 2009

Swim Day and Petting Zoo (again)

On Logans Birthday Dan and I took Logan to the petting zoo, our favorite! The day we went they had all the new baby animals out- including the very sweet, not gross or stinky, baby calf. Logan, as usual loved the sheep and goats!and he went on a pony ride

Today I met my sisters with our neighbors at Lindseys pool to go swimming. It felt so good to just sit and hang out in the pool! They have a little kids pool that only goes to 1.5 feet. Im so glad we have somewhere to swim all summer!

Also, my FANTASTIC, AMAZING cousin Mickelle took family pictures for us yesterday up at Bridal Veil Falls. Im so excited we took pictures there because it is where Dan and I met! I think they will turn out fabulous, just like all the pictures she takes. I cant wait to see them!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Big 1 Year Old!

*(warning- total picture overload!)
Today is Logans first birthday! I cant believe how fast the first year went, but I cant imagine our lives without him! this was taken just a few weeks before he was born, I could not wait for him to get here!just a few hours old... wow, was that really a whole year ago?!for about the first 10 days Logan was on lights for jaundice- but he was a good baby right from the start!
both of these were at Steven and Taras Wedding, just 3 weeks old!here are pictures taken at 3 months. by now he was sleeping 8+ hours a night! what an amazing baby!here he is at 4 months, eating his first solids (peas).for Halloween he was a puppy, 5 months oldmy cousin Mickelle took great pictures of him at almost 6 months (I cant wait for her to take more!).I think this was at Thanksgiving, I think... or Christmas. Anyways, he is just chillin in his jammies with Uncle RyanChristmas morning! this was taken in Jan. He spent lots of quality time with his Dad and Grandma in Jan when I had surgery.In Feb he was in the hospital with croup. Im REALLY glad thats over!first time swimming (feb/march)this is from March. What would a year blog be without a naked picture? His favorite thing ever is to be naked!here he is, handsome as ever, at 11 months!and finally, just a few weeks ago at his first birthday party!

Logan has gone from the most amazing calm baby, to sweet but busy little boy. I cant believe the joy he has brought into our lives. It has been truely amazing to watch him grow and change, as Dan and I grow and change along with him. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of the last year, I hope you enjoy the memories also!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Today Logan used the swimming pool my parents got him for his birthday. I forgot to take a picture with my phone to send them, so here is this! Our friends next door came and swam with LJ,it was so fun! (one side is supposed to be sand, but Logan is really not ready for sand. It was nice to just fill both sides with water!)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Logan's First Birthday Party

Even though Logan's birthday isn't until next week, we had his birthday party last weekend while my family was here. We did it really relaxed (it really is more for Mom and Dad than baby at age 1, right?!!!), we just had a barbeque with both of our families. The weather was perfect, and we were lucky enough to use Dan's sisters house (thanks a bunch Becky and Scott!). Logan got some super fun toys, and I was even made fun of saying "this is exactly what I asked for"! (I meant Logan, But I really DID want the pass to thanksgiving point).
He loved his cake, I did cupcakes because i figured it would be a little less overwhelming to him. Is anyone surprised he ate it???

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I went with some of Dans family on Saturday night to see the play Wicked. It was so fun to go with everyone, I loved the play even more the second time! Here is Katie, Tara, Emma, and Becky. This is my cute niece Rilee with her cousin Grace. Becky invited a lot of Scotts family too. Thanks Beck for taking us, we loved it!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Daddy Time

Dan was on call for a few days where he didn't get called too much. We were able to do a few things as a family, it was so nice to have a normal life even if it was temporary. We went to the park, Logan likes the park but usually only for about 30 minutes!going down the slide and (finally after a lot of hard work) getting his hat offswinging with Mommygetting ready to share a jelly sandwich with Nellie

We also made it to LJ's favorite place, the petting zoo! He loves to go see the animals! There was a field trip there at the same time so we didn't get to take a pony ride but everything else was great (including the weather).the animals dont scare him at allAnother reason Dad is fun, he makes sure Logan pets the REALLY BIG horses (I'm usually too nervous to let him actually touch them)!

We BBQed twice this week also! Logan loves to hang out with Dan while he is waiting for the food, and tries to follow him outside to check the meat. Logan also laughs when I totally fall off our deck onto the concrete (it really hurt!)... Dan laughed too once he made sure I was okay. I hope I eventually grow out of being clumsy! We were so sad to have Dan leave for a 4 day trip. Hopefully we will have more Daddy time soon!
(sorry I had to post this all jumbled together, but I never know if people really want to read all of this. Also, I know I will want to post Ladies Night at Wicked after tomorrow night!)