Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bam Bams and Trunk or Treat

Yesterday I found an old pair of Angels bambams in a box. I gave them to Logan and they provided hours of entertainment! I'm not sure it was the best idea, he just used them to hit anything and everything but it made him happy!Last night we went to our wards trunk or treat. I wasn't sure how Logan would do, but he loved it! He was so excited that everyone was just handing him candy!I couldn't even get him to pose for a picture because he just wanted to go back to the last person who gave him candy.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

To Dad and Grandma Good

Happy Birthday Dad! I think you are the coolest person ever, I try to be like you everyday! I love you!
Grandma Good, I am so sad you can't come visit this weekend. I hope to see you really soon!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Our New Home

I have gotten lots of requests for pictures of our new place. We live in a little 2 bedroom apartment in West Little Rock. It's a little bit of a tight fit, but I think it will work great for the next year of our lives. (Sorry, lots of pictures) Our living roomOur kitchenOur dining area (I love how the wall behind it turned out!)(Jill, I found a place for my cute gift right on the table! It worked perfect!)Logan trying to get in on a few pictures. He loves to smile and act goofy for the cameraLogan's very cute bathroom. It has little squirrels on the shower curtain.Logan's side of the room now...Logan's side of the room when the baby comes (I still need to get him a box spring and metal frame)
My bedroom and bathroomThe very best part of our apartment is the enclosed porch. It is the perfect place for Logan to play. He cannot get out of it, and it is covered so he can play there when it is raining (which it is always raining). I still have a pile of stuff to go to goodwill and some boxes I need to fit into the storage room. My sitting area between the 2 sliding glass doors (one from the family room, one from my bedroom)veiw from my room
Hopefully I will have time to blog tomorrow for Dan's BIG THIRTIETH BIRTHDAY!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Arkansas Rain

I am planning to do a big update post this week, but here are a few fun pictures. Logan escaped out the front door into the big rain storm today. In Utah, the rain last a few minutes. Here, the rain pours for hours and hours without stopping! I had to go buy umbrellas today (who moves to a rainy state without umbrellas?)!
Logan escapingcrawling up the stairs outside our apartmentDan had to go out in the rain to chase him (I didn't have shoes on, big surprise)
We are doing great. Love our apartment. I can't believe we have been here 5 days and we are pretty much settled because my amazing aunt and mom came to work! We miss all of you already!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oops, I was supposed to do that...

So I got a great surprise in the mail the other day... My first homemade gift exchange (from the blog give away like forever ago!). My cute cousin Jill got hers made and sent out and I got this!I'm so excited to get moved so I can get it put up in our new home. So it might take me a few weeks, what I am making takes a little time but I'm going to do it! Jill, Laurel, Bobbie, Becky, and Whitney expect something in a month-ish! You should probably start thinking what you will make to give away!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

What's Been Going On

We have had lots going on! We are excitedly (and a little nervously) awaiting our big move! A few weeks ago my mom came to town. We were able to spend a few evenings hanging out with my family, I can't believe we will be so far away so soon! We went to my niece Emma's school carnival, it was so cold! Here we are all cuddled upLogan and his cousin Sophie having a nice momentWhile my mom was there she watched Logan for a few days while Dan and I went to look for an apartment in Little Rock. I think Grammy let Logan run a little wild, but oh he had so much fun! LJ played in the dirt... something I rarely let him do!My mom took this sweet little picture of Logan in his jammies and all ready for bed... What an innocent face. Trust me, its a trick!In our few short days home between trips Logan decided he needed to hide in the cabinet, I just thought it was a funny picture!We are now in California for a week to spend some time with my parents. Logan loves the kitty and pretty much stalks her until she lays down and he can give her loves!I took him to the park today. He loves playing now that he can walk and climb everything! He loved getting up the stairs and going down the smaller slide by himself. I can't wait for Dan to be here tomorrow and see how cute it is!
**Sorry, I am still using cell phone pictures. I promise I'm going to get my camera hooked up soon!