Monday, January 25, 2010

Hanging Out

Logan and I have been hanging around the house A LOT lately. It has been cold and rainey and I have not felt good. Here is how we have been spending our time

Logan has been going over to the Chick-fil-A playground with Daddy
Logan decided he would eat his crayons while coloring the other day. He started sobbing when I took them away and put them up high!Looking handsome as ever dressed up for churchLogan decided to do some "spring cleaning" and emptied our dvds out of the cabinet. Logan loves to play out on our patio. Im taking the picture through the sliding glass door, it is cold out there!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Logan woke up from his nap today in the silliest mood. He came out with 2 binkies in his mouth. He was laughing so hard he almost couldn't breathe. At least he cracks himself up!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Due Date Downer

After seeing my new doctor last week he decided to push my due date back a week. My new due date is February 21st, just one week later than we had thought. I am really ready to be done with this pregnancy (and ready to not be sick anymore!). I guess to look at the upside we have an extra week to pick out names (we are still at a loss what to name our little girl), and an extra week to get things together (I have absolutly nothing ready)! Hopefully I don't go past my due date like last time, we will be ready for her whenever she wants to come... even if we have to call her "Baby Girl Anderson" for a while! (excuse the no makeup and webcam picture!)

Visit with the Pickles

Becky and Scott brought their family out to visit for a few days this week. We had so much fun, and Logan loved playing with his cousins! Dan and I loved having 3 kids around to entertain Logan so we could have a break. We went and stayed overnight in Memphis one night, sharing a room with Logan is not fun. Dan and I ended up sitting in the hallway for about 45 minutes while we waited for Logan to fall asleep. He is such an only child, he likes it really dark and quiet to fall asleep. What is he going to do when there is a baby around?!
On Monday I fulfilled a lifetime dream of going to visit Elvis' home known only as GRACELAND! I LOVED IT!!! I loved how everything was decorated (so gaudy), and how elaborate everything was. It was a little surprising that he house really isn't that huge by today's standards, but oh so amazing! It wasn't easy for me to walk around all of Graceland with only a few weeks left until we have our baby, but it was worth it! They wouldn't let you take pictures with your flash on, so a lot of our pictures didn't turn out great. His front room was all white with a 14 foot couchhis upstairs was always private to him, and still is.In the dining room. The chandelier in the back didn't help the no flash pictureI liked the sitting room downstairs with 3 TVs and sequin pillows (I also loved the pool room that was covered wall to wall and ceiling with busy fabric, but none of my pictures turned out). The jungle roomIn the backyard Dan and Logan next to Elvis' gold suit. I probably should have told Dan I was taking a picture!The fountain by the graves was iced over, it was SO cold!I guess people still send Elvis flowers and stuff for his grave. Some of the things had been sent for his birthday that had been a few days earlierThere are a bunch more pictures I would love to share, but I figured I should just add hi-lights!
We ate at this southern BBQ place in Memphis. It is one of those places that isn't very nice, not very good service, but the food is amazing! I will be craving it until we go back to eat there again. We also went to the National Civil Rights Museum located at the Loraine Hotel where Dr. Martin Luther King, JR. was assassinated. We didn't have a lot of time there because we got there at the end of the day, but I'm glad we made it. It was a really moving place to visit. There are 2 buildings, and we only made it through 1.

The Pickles came back to Little Rock with us. Logan loves having visitors! We mostly just played and hung out.
I enjoyed eating out, I don't think we have eaten out since we got our kitchen settled after moving. On Wednesday we went to Lake Willastein park. Logan made Rilee follow him around and was able to demand which slide he wanted to go down. Hopefully she had fun, Logan was in heaven.
After the park we stopped at another authentic southern BBQ place just for the experience. We went to the Whole Hog Barbecue Cafe, but people here usually pronounce it "The Ho Hawg"! We had lots of people tell us to try it and it was amazing! Different than the place in Memphis, but very southern. There was a big old guy hanging out in the front wearing overalls. All the ladies inside asked me about me "baby". (People here call your kids "baby" until they are like 6 years old. I guess Logan is kind of still a baby, but he looks older than 2! They were a little curious about us having 2 babies, one right after another). It was a great southern experience to go!
It was so fun to have visitors, Thanks Becky and Scott for coming all the way here!

Catching Up

Now that my computer is working I can get the pictures off my camera. Logan and I were gone for 17 days in December while we went to California and Utah to visit family. While in Utah my siters hosted a little dinner for me as a baby shower. It was so nice to get together with my family and Dans family and a few friends. (this was the only picture I took with everyone and I had my flash turned off!)
Logan got to see Santa at Leslie's ward Christmas party... he was not a fan

He also got to play with his cousins a lot, and see all his aunts and uncles!
Rilee and Becky with Logan
Icabod and Logan
Steve and Tara with Logan
Emma and Sophie with Logan

When we got back to California Grandpa took Logan on a ride on his forklift. Logan was SO excited! He loved driving in around and how loud it is. My dad even let him push the lever that makes the fork part go up and down.
Logan and I made it home to spend Christmas with Dan. I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures Christmas morning because my family watched him open his presents on skype. His favorite present was the big dump truck you can ride on!
Also a few days after Christmas we got to open presents from Dan's parents that they had mailed to us.
Logan got a new tool belt from my Aunt Marcia for Christmas. He loves to wear it around the house, but always without a shirt on.
Over New Years Leslie came out to visit for a few days. I (of course) didn't really take any pictures. I took a few when we took Leslie to see the "Big Dam Bridge". Dan thinks it is an awesome name!
it was so cold I had to find one of Dans sweatshirts in the car!
I think that pretty much catches us up!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Little Artist

Logan has really gotten into coloring. He knows exactly where all his coloring stuff is (out of reach because he still likes to eat the crayons occasionally so I don't trust him to color on his own) and he will stand there screaming for his coloring books. He is very demanding! This morning he played with his sticker book with Dan (I just realized this is upside down, sorry) And he colored with me this afternoon
I LOVE that we are now a family with artwork on the fridge!!!

**I guess I should have taken a picture of him coloring to add. I would add one tomorrow, but after church we are headed to Memphis for the night!!!

Happy Belated Anniversary To Us

Dan and I celebrated our 7th anniversary in December. We have had quite the adventure over the last 7 years! Our adventure has stretched from Utah, to New Mexico, to Arizona, back to Utah, and now to Arkansas (all of these places include 7 total moves). Since being married, Dan graduated magna cum laude (all 3 times) with 2 associates and 1 bachelors degree, I graduated from beauty school and phlebotomy school. Dan has worked as an aviation dispatcher, a flight instructor, scene builder, professional airline pilot, and now for Chick-fil-A. I have worked as a hairdresser, a phlebotomist, and now a stay at home mom. We have been able to do a bit of traveling, and we have been able to meet so many people and make lifetime friendships. We built a home together. Our biggest accomplishment, of course, is our little guy Logan. I think the last 2 years have been the most amazing in our marriage. We went from a long time together as a couple, to a small little family. We are so excited to see our family develop more over the next year with the addition of one more member of our family. Everyone seems to be worried about how Logan will react, but I know our sweet little girl with have Logan and Dan wrapped around her finger immediately. Logan loves his baby cousins, and always wants to help them and play with them.

Dan has been an amazing partner for all these adventures. Pregnancy is hard on him, and this time is no different. With Logan I never got over the morning sickness. All 40+ weeks. I wasn't as sick at the beginning this time, but I am much more sick now at the end. I am up throwing up around the clock, and trying so hard to make these last few weeks of Logan's alone time still enjoyable. Dan has been amazing, I have to depend on him for so much more. He gets up EVERY morning with Logan and feeds him breakfast and plays with him until I can drag myself out of bed. I love walking in to hear them talking, or see Logan cuddled up to Dan with a book. Dan missed a lot of time with Logan while he was flying, I know this time is so special to both of them. It is so sweet that Logan will call (or squeal) "DADDY, DADDY, DADDY!!!" to come get him out of his room in the morning. It is Logan's favorite part of the day. Dan has rearranged his schedule at work so he works really late every night, but he is home to play Super Dad every morning. On top of Super Dad duties, this morning Dan also cleaned both bathrooms and did some grocery shopping to help out. I hope he doesn't collapse by the time the baby comes!

I truly married Superman. I couldn't be luckier!

(Sorry this blog was a little braggy)