Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One More Try

I decided to give it a try once more to bathe both kids at once, but this time Dan was home to help! It went much better this time!We have been having this weird pollen thing here lately! It is like yellow dust on EVERYTHING! It is a huge mess, and it is making Dan's allergies really awful. (but I do really love the massive amounts of trees here!)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Mini Monster

Logan can be such a little monster. He is so curious and in to EVERYTHING! Today I turned my back for about 10 seconds, and he came running out of his room covered in baby powder! I still have no clue how he was able to reach it.His bedroom had the most damageand I couldn't help but take pictures of the little foot prints in the powderand as you all know Logan is a nudist, when I stripped him down to his diaper he decided to finish the job. He was really mad when I made him put clean clothes on... I think he would love to live naked all the time!How could I stay mad at this cute little face?

Miss B is 2 Months Old!

Our Miss Brynlee is 2 months old! She has had a rough few months, we hope the next few will go better (with less hospital and doctor visits!).
At 2 months she is in the 10% for height, and 50% for weight! She loves to eat, and she is just getting the hang of big smiles. Most of all she still loves to be swaddled by her dad, he can wrap a baby tighter than anyone I have ever seen.
She has already been in the hospital, had to go under anesthesia, and has been prayed for by so many. She has been to the Clinton Library, taken a ride on the trolley, and even seen the Peabody Ducks. We are enjoying our little B so much, and we can't wait to take her in a few weeks to meet all her family!

Reading time

Logan loves when Brynlee with lay in his bed with him and he can read to her. He is such a sweet big brother... when he wants to be!
Logan and Brynlee also just shared their first bath. It went well until he threw a ball at her head. We will probably wait a while to try that again.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Trolley Cars and Peabody Ducks

Today we went to downtown Little Rock to ride the trolley cars. Logan is obsessed with all things that have wheels. Busses, trucks, cars, trains. He had a blast, and I think Dan enjoyed it just as much! While we were on the train it has a stop at the Peabody Hotel where the Peabody Ducks march. It was so fun to stop and see. The duckmaster gathers the ducks out of their duck palace, marches them down the glass elevator, and into the fountain.Logan really thought those ducks were "cool" (his new word. He walks around saying "it's coo")
I wish we would have done the trolley when we first moved here, it pointed out lots of things we want to go explore now!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lions, Oh My!!!

We went to the Little Rock Zoo today! The weather was beautiful and it was so nice to get out and see something Logan could really enjoy! He really liked seeing the giraffes
He liked hanging around with his dad
He loved the farm area
He really liked the fire truck we saw (I don't know why they were there, but there was an ambulance too)
Dan's favorite by far was the lion.
You could go up to a window and be right next to him
Okay, so lets take some pictures with him.
Dan told me to go ahead and get in the picture tooThe second after Dan took this picture the lion leaped up onto the glass and was trying to attack. Logan darted off to get behind Dan, and instinctively went right down to protect Brynlee who was in the wrap. I know there was glass between us, but it was automatic. Dan thought it scared me so bad I had fallen over. He could hardly breath he was laughing so hard... he even continued to take pictures!I know I exaggerate some stories, but ask Dan, I am not exaggerating at all. This lion was looking for food and thought my babies looked good! I banged my knee up pretty goodand sweet little B slept through the whole thing!I am sure if anyone else was in the lion area with us they would have been laughing too. I'm glad Dan got a good laugh, and he promised if I would post these pictures then I could post the pictures of him on his new scooter.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Sunday Walk

On Sunday we decided to take a family walk at the Arkansas Arboretum. It was so beautiful there, even though it is already pretty hot and humid!

As usual, Logan loved to find sticks and rocks to throw in the water
We found this quiet little pond.

More sticksB was a trooper in the sling (notice her holding onto my birthday present! Dan got me a really sweet necklace that says all of our names. Dans cousin makes them, Thanks Rosie! I love it!)

It was so humid, it made Logan's hair curly. This picture doesn't do it justice, it is so cute!
We had such a fun Easter! We woke up in the morning and found Logan's Easter basket, did an egg hunt, and went to church (we had to go to church to watch conference, but a total bonus, they had a nursery!).
(sorry this is a funny picture. I dont know how to use the timer on my camera, so I used the timer on my webcam. At least I got a picture of all of us!)Miss BrynleeAs usual, Logan not cooperating!
Logan and the trail of M&M's the Easter bunny left leading to his basketfinding his basketfinding Easter eggs