Thursday, May 27, 2010

Logans BFF

Logan's favorite little buddy is Woody from Toy Story. He loves Woody, and takes him everywhere. He has been to the grocery store, to the children's museum, the zoo, and so on.HHanging out in B's carseatwaiting for someone to call on Skypehanging out in our toy time out spot. Toys go up there when Logan has used them to hit one of us.going for a rideusually at some point in the day Logan demands he be wrapped up and take a napWoody even has his own carevery night Woody gets tucked in and kissed goodnight. By all of us. Logan always makes sure he is well taken care of!

Logan is 2!

Logan turned 2 last Sunday. We did lots of fun stuff last week leading up to his birthday. He took his favorite snacks to nursery last week (cookies and fruit snacks). He is such a sweet kid! He loves his sister (most times) and is really starting to understand how to help take care of her. He is really goofy and loves to tease. He will do just about anything to get a laugh. He loves music and to dance. Most days I can find him somewhere singing to himself or one of his toys! He loves to help around the house, especially unloading the dishwasher and vacuuming. His favorite animal to see at the zoo is the fish or giraffes. He loves to be on the go, in the car, going wherever. He loves his Daddy and tries to do everything like him. When Dan is at work Logan constantly talks about him. "This is Dad's" or "Daddy's bike cool". oh... and he loves little girls. Wherever we are he usually finds a little girl to follow around!Here he is enjoying his birthday ice cream sunday.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Brynlee at 3 Months!

Brynlee is 3 months old now! (or she was on the 12th, and I am just getting around to blogging it). She is such a sweet and easy baby. She never cries, she loves to sleep, and she loves her Daddy! Okay, she is basically just like Logan.
Here is a little shirt I embroidered for her. I think it turned out really cute!

Nature Center

Today we took the kids to the nature center in Little Rock. It has all sorts of fish and wildlife to look at. Here is the cool alligator snapping turtleThe alligators skinBrynlee and I by the giant eagle

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Swimming with Logan

Logan loves to swim. I am determined to teach him to swim this summer! He loved jumping off the edge of the pool...

The kid has no fear
He even loves to be dunked under water!He thinks its so funny!

Second Cousins

While I was staying at my parents my cousin Michele drove down for a few days. She has a little boy 8 months older than Logan, and a little girl 8 months older that Brynlee. I am basically just 8 months behind her. I am going to worry if she gets pregnant again because I will know whats coming in 8 months!
Logan and Lincoln playing in the water table I love the just diapers look feeding the ducks at the park Just chillin

Discovery Science Museum

We went to the Discovery Science Museum in Orange County. It was really fun, with lots of hands on stuff to do. Perfect for active little boys

Logan really liked the dinasour exhibit. You could climb up into the inside of a 2 story dinasour. You could make its heart beat and see his digestive system.

Brynlee was an angel as usual. Here she is hanging out with her cousin Gracie.

Lindsey wanted to take a picture of her with Gracie but Logan really wanted to be part of it. He really loves his Auntie Lindsey, even though she always teaches him naughty things!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fishing With Grandpa

Logan is so lucky to have such a fun grandpa. My dad was going fishing on the ocean one day while we were there and he worked it out so Logan could come for a bit. After they fished all day Logan met them at the dock so my dad could take him back out.
getting ready to go out on the boat

On the boat, ready for his life jacket
Where are we going?Life jacket set

Let me get a look here
Even closer! Lets get fishing !
He loves anything hands on.

And the fishermen come home ready for a good bath!

Grandpa's Forklift

My dad has a forklift in his warehouse at work. It is Logans favorite thing about going to the office! (woohoo! Let me just get in there!)
He was pretty sure he could figure out how to get it moving like Grandpa does

Monday, May 17, 2010


At my aunts house one night Logan got to try smores! He was in heaven. One of my favorite memories of staying at my aunts when we were little was making smores over the stove. Thanks Aunt Marcia for still being the fun aunt to my kids too!
I think Logan's new favorite food is smores!