Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Time

Dear Summer, We LOVE you. We wish you would stay all year long. Love, The Andersons (well, mostly Mom and Logan)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Miss Em

We have enjoyed going to story time at the zoo each week this summer. I am so sad to not be able to finish the summer out. Miss Em is such a neat lady, she is so sweet to us! She always asks if we will be coming back, and even this week she brought special things to show just us. She is also a funny lady, this week she told me how she has a real stuffed armadillo she always has in the back seat of her car! Here she is telling us a story about a snake (with a live snake wrapped around her legs)
I love how she greets each child
Logan loves the "hands on" part
Here she is with us and our friends we go with each week
Logan loves to finish up story time with a ride on the carousel!

Lunch Time!

The other day Logan got his bear all set up in the lowered high chair to feed it lunch. He is such a sweet little guy! We have caught him several times trying to give his sister sips of milk or juice from his sippy cup or have found fruit snacks in her mouth. I'm glad he wanted to feed the bear instead of B this time.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Miss B at 4 Months

Miss Brynlee is 4 months old today and just as sweet as ever. Still such an easy baby, how did we manage to get 2 kids that love to sleep through the night?While we were taking a few 4 month pictures Logan kept running up and yelling "CHEESE!"He is just too cute for words


Mom made meatballs for dinner. YUM!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Story Time at the Zoo

Our little zoo has story time during the summer once a week. It is such a fun little activity, they read a story about an animal and then actually introduce that animal. Last week was a story about a rabbit and a turtle.If you ask Logan what a bunny does he uses his finger to scrunch his nose up! So cute!Logan liked the turtleLogan and our cute friend Clara watching it crawl aroundThe cutest lady reads the stories. Little Brynlee is so good, she just napped the whole time!Dan took Logan on the carouselAnd Miss Clara riding her horse like a rodeo queen!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I sometimes worry that I am going to forget. Logan is growing up so fast, will I remember his soft little voice calling out "Mommy"?
Will I remember how it feels to kiss his squishy cheeks
or hold his little hand?
I want to remember how his soft giggle sounds like bells ringing to me,
and how he loves to say goodbye or night-night.
I need to remember the times I catch him singing to Brynlee or gently tucking her blanket around her.
I want to remember how he loves to dance and sing.
I want to remember when his favorite word was "cool". I want to learn how to stop and enjoy the sweet moments
when he wants to cuddle with me,when he needs me,
or when he sweetly asks me to help him.

I worry about what his life will hold.
Will he grow to be strong, healthy, loving, and gentle? Will he face amazing trials, or will he have an easier life?
Are we giving him the tools he needs to be a
strong, educated leader?

...but I think for now I will focus on holding that tiny man for as long as he will let me.