Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I am kind of here...

Well, Nellie and I made it here on Saturday night after a very long stressful trip of 4 gate changes and one stop half way down the runway for a broken plane! I was supposed to land at 8:43, but I did not get to my in-laws house until after 1 am!

Dan is on his way here today with 2 of his brothers who went to help him load up and drive. I feel really bad sending them there to help in the 110 degree heat with 70% humidity! what troopers!

I love living here already! Sunday I was able to spend time with my nieces Ashlee and Rilee and their foster brother Isaih (is that how you spell I-Zay-Ah?). On Monday I spent time with my other nieces Emma and Sophie for the afternoon! I have really enjoyed spending time with my mother in law getting myself settled.

Nellie has done much better since we have been here, before we left the house on Saturday she hid under my bed for 3 hours and then sat in her carrier for about an hour to make sure I wouldnt forget her! She has really loved the attention she gets from everyone here, especially popsicles and cereal from Michael!

I cant wait to see my family this weekend, I hope everyone is doing okay! Keep your fingers crossed that Dan and his brothers make it here in one piece!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

So Long Arizona

Today I woke up and realized it is the last day I will wake up as an Arizona resident. I have been so busy getting ready to go I havent updated my blog lately! I decided I should write my top 5 arizona things today...

5. The weather- I LOVE the weather here. I love the long warm winters the "dry heat", even the monsoons (when you dont get stuck in them outside target!). I will miss all the time I am able to spend outdoors during the winter here

4. Friends- Although I dont know that many people here I will miss the friendships Ive made, and the time I have spent with those friends.

3. Our Home- I have really had a hard time the last few days with leaving our beautiful house. This is our first house we have owned and we built it from the ground up. It is hard knowing I will probably never build a house again, and not be able to pick every little detail about the house. (isnt it cute?)

2. Nellie- Of course we are taking Nellie with us, but about 6 months after moving here Dan gave Nellie to me for my birthday. She has been such a great little companion to me, especially when I am home alone! She has such great personality, and really does love me.

1. Shortly after moving to Arizona Dan and I were sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. I know that is the most important thing we have acomplished here. Although the sealing didnt take place in Arizona, we did live here while preparing for it. I love knowing I will be with Dan always.

Well, I guess my next update will be from Utah! Hope you are all doing okay!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


I havent really mentioned anything yet because I wanted to make sure everything would work out first. Dan and I have decided to move back to Utah. We will be moving on the 30th (yes, two weeks from tomorrow!). Dan is going to be based in Salt Lake and I am really sick of being alone all the time! I am so excited to have our family so close to us, and I cant believe we will live close to all 4 of our nieces at the same time!!! We are both sad about leaving our beautiful home, but hopefully it will bring another family joy.

Nellie is adjusting okay. I was packing boxes last night and I looked over to notice Nellie had gathered all her babies in one spot as if she were ready to pack them up! I thought she would be freaking out by now, she gets so upset when I pack a suitcase. She just kind of wonders around behind me, watching me. Wish me luck on the next 2 weeks!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Now that I have hit the big 70 pound mark I wanted to document with a photo. Dan isnt home so I had to take the picture myself in the mirror with my camera! I know, Im a total dork!

If you scroll down enough I think there is a starting picture I posted at my 50 pound mark. I looked at Whitney and Ryans wedding pictures yesterday and I really hope you can tell the 10 pounds I have lost since then (I didnt think there were flattering pictures of me!). I hope you all had a good weekend, talk to you soon.

Monday, July 2, 2007

San Francisco

We had such a fun weekend in San Francisco. I met my whole family there on Friday night, then Dan came in on Saturday. The weekend started off a little frustrating when my bag was lost for a whole day! When I flew into Oakland airport there was no sight of my bag and the baggage office was not very helpful. When I woke up on Saturday and it still wasn't there I called to check on it a few times and the people would yell at me, then hang up! I had to go buy an outfit to wear on Saturday until my bag finally showed up Saturday night! We were able to meet a really cute friend of Lindseys, I was really glad he could come for the weekend!

Saturday we had a great time walking around, going to the Golden Gate Bridge, then to Sausalito (is that how you spell it?). The bridge was so beautiful, Im dissapointed Dan wasnt there yet because he would have loved it! In the afternoon we went to a little quarter arcade in Fishermans Warf where they have really neat antique games and the silent movie boxes you look into. Dan came in about then and we went to dinner and walked around a little more. Dan and I were so tired we went to bed after we got back!
On sunday morning Whitney, Ryan, Dan, and I got up to ride the cable cars. The ride was so beautiful! I wish I had some pictures of it but they are all on my moms camera (considering she still hasnt posted the wedding, I dont know when they will get up!!). Dan really loved the cable car, he kind of looked like an excited little boy the whole ride!

Sunday afternoon most of us went to Alcatraz! The tour was so interesting, I really want to go there with my Father-In-Law Sherm. I could really see him enjoying the tour. I was totally amazed at what there was to see.
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This was a picture in front of one of the cells. My favorite parts were when they let you go into the solitary confinement and they shut the door on you. I also really liked the part with the granade marks. For those of you who havent been definently need to go!

This picture was taken at dinner right before we left for the airport last night. Sophie was so good the whole weekend, and she is just so cute! It is really fun for me to be able to bond with my 4 nieces whenever possible!

Although it was a little chilly in S.F. it was such a nice break from the summer heat in Arizona. Today at about 5 pm dan and i were driving in the car and this is a picture of our thermometer! I already cant wait for summer to end!!!