Monday, May 28, 2007

hard at work

i know this image is probably going to turn out sideways but i cant figure it out! i have been using my phone to take pictures since my camera is broken so its not the best picture. dan has been working really hard on our pond. the picture really does no justice to it. it has two waterfalls and a fountin in it. our fish are getting really big! nellie loves to chase the fish around from the outside of the pool, it is really funny. i have caught her trying to get in a few times!

not much else is going on. i am working a lot and dan is still waiting to be scheduled for his IOE. it is kind of nice to have him around so much after being gone the last few months. im trying to get everything together for the wedding before i leave on thursday. i also have to make a run to the beauty supply for all my hair appointments on friday. for everyone reading this- im not bringing product home for anyone, if you need any hair care stuff we will make a run to cosmoprof this weekend.

im so excited to see everyone, i have been working out a lot know that i only have a few more days before i leave! love you all, see you soon!

Monday, May 21, 2007

what a spaz

okay, i made it home from my parents house but not without injury! the pictures i posted yesterday are of my new niece and my sisters and cousins at the beach. saturday night i went to a bonfire for whitneys 20th birthday! we had so much fun. it was really nice to have my cousins come too!

when i was getting ready to leave last night i accidentally kicked a paint can and really hurt my foot. dan had to push me through to airport last night in a wheelchair while nellie sat in my lap, and i pulled the bags off to the side! im sure people were totally laughing. my husband is such a good sport!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

bon fire birthday

im really confused how to use my moms computer, so i will have to write about these pictures later, but im in california enjoying a little family time for whitneys birthday!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

happy moms day!

mom- you are the best mom. first, i love you! i really wanted to put a picture on my blog of you, but i dont have one on my computer and i cant get one off my camera because it is broken! i hope you have a really good mothers day. you have always been my number one cheerleader! i always remember all of my friends being jealous when i was younger because i had the coolest (and least nerdy) mom. you dont even where mom jeans which makes you cool in my book! i cant wait to be so close with my daughters as i know you have been with us.

leslie- you are the best mom-in-law! i couldnt post today without mentioning you! i cant believe how lucky i am that such a great husband came with a great mom and friend. you have always been so kind and caring. from day one i have felt like one of your daughters, not an in-law. i know when i hear you speak of your mother-in-law fern you speak with such great adoration. i want you to know that i often think you are as much to me as she was to you. im so lucky that i have the opportunity to grow and learn from you, and especially lucky that my children will have such an amazing grandmother! i know i dont say it often enough, but i love you!

becky and mandy- you are both such amazing mothers, i am so greatful for the example you both are to me. i hope you both have and excellent mothers day, thank you so much for the wonderful neices i have! all 4 mean the world to both dan and i (even if i have only met 3 of them!).

Friday, May 11, 2007

sad news

tonight i went out to turn the hose off in the pond and i found our first dead fish. i was such a big girl and i got it out and disposed of it all by myself. i had to call dan on the phone and break the bad news to him gently! fish really creep me out, i dont even eat them! im not a big fan of taking care of the pond and the tank while dan is gone, but i do enjoy having them when he is here. talk to you all soon!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

a whole week

i cant believe it has been about a week since i last posted. i wish i had something really exciting to tell, but i dont. my first week of work was really good, im enjoying the site im at. i will kind of have a wierd week this week, i will be in orientation monday, tuesday, and wednesday. i will work thursday, but i have friday off to try and get to jons graduation.

i forgot in my last post to mention some of our friends called and wanted us to go to the bahamas with them! it was a last minute trip (they have flight benefits too) and with our airline hotel discount they got a great deal at that atlantis hotel. we totally could have gone, but I DONT HAVE MY PASSPORT!!! another stupid reason for not getting it earlier!

dan left on friday again, he will probably be gone 2 weeks this time. he has his check ride sometime next week. they allow you to invite somebody to come, i want to go SO bad! it is in middle of the week and out of salt lake so i wont be able to go. it would be my only chance to sit with dan in the cockpit of a larger aircraft because it is against the law for me to go up there during a regular flight. hopefully he will be able to take one of his brothers!

well, nellie is dying for me to come to bed. she is sitting ON my foot wimpering! i hope you all have had a good week, Mandy- i hope to come this weekend, if not i will make it to california in the next few weeks! hugs and kisses!