Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas with the Andersons

We had a wonderful Christmas with the Andersons. It was so fun to have Logan there... and mostly enjoy the paper!it was cold and snowy, so Santa brought a nice sweatsuit to wear!Cousins Rilee, Kyller, (Logan), and Ashlee before opening presentsopening presents!we were SO GLAD Dan could be here today, he left for work about 7 that night!We got the chance to run over and see my sisters after all the Anderson stuff. Here is Logan and Sophie... They are almost the same size with 13 months between them!!!I debated posting this picture, but who could get offended over a cute Christmas morning naked baby? And isnt he SO CUTE?!!!!! (okay, and chubby?)
All the neibor gifts are delivered, the homemade gifts given, and the homemade Christmas cards mailed... I'm exhausted! I hope all of you had a great Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

7 Months and Counting...

WOW! Logan will be 7 months old tomorrow! I can't believe how fast it all has gone. He has grown up so much this last month...
He sits up like a big boyHe loves to jump and play in his excersaucer, in this picture he played himself to sleep!He always tries to hold Nellie and give her kisseshe even dresses like a big boy (what little boy doesn't need a Lucky Brand Hoodie?)He loves his Mommy and Daddy... (he REALLY loves Daddy, he gets so excited when Dan is even in the room!)And he is just SO cute!
He can also
Feed himself a cracker or finger foods
Roll across an entire room (usually to get a toy or Nellie)
Call people (indiscriminately) on a cell phone (his favorite toy)
Babble... he really has this down
Sleep 13 hours straight at night
Entertain himself for around 20 minutes after he wakes up in his crib!

On a side note, Dan has conveniently been gone out of town for all the snow this week (it has pretty much snowed everyday!)
I have shoveled so much snow its half way up the stop sign at the bottom of our driveway!We hope everyone is staying safe and warm in this snow! Merry Christmas, we are so excited for all our family gatherings over the next week!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Babies Day Out!

Yesterday we went to body worlds exhibit in downtown Salt Lake. It was so neat to see all the bodies! Logan went with us because we went in middle of the day (no babysitters available then!). We have so much fun taking him out, he is just so cute!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Random Picture Blog

As my brother in law Scott pointed out last night, its been a while since I posted anything new. Here are a bunch of pictures from the last few weeks!My nieces Emma and Sophie spent the night while my mom was visiting a few weeks ago. Sophie is 13 months older than Logan and only 2 pounds bigger but she loves to hold Logan and help put his binky in!Logan and Dans brother Michael playing at the Anderson's Sunday Thanksgiving dinner. Logan loves Mike and always giggles for him!I love this picture. This is from one of Matthews games. I love all the pretty girls smiling and Logan screaming! (looking at it now, maybe his pants were too tight!? He is so big he grows out of clothes too fast!)Logan's working on his balancing act. Mandy and my mom got me worried over Thanksgiving because Mandy's girls sat up way before now but I looked it up in my book and he is totally fine. It even says babies with big tummies (which Logan definitely has) sit up later because their tummies are in the way.Logan's favorite activity... eating! (you can also see his 2 cute teeth here)very GQ, need I say more?could any superhero be cuter?
I look at Logan everyday and think how could any little boy be as sweet, handsome, and GOOD? He still doesnt cry and he has been sleeping around 12 hours every night! Dan and I will be having our 6th anniversary on Sunday and I cant believe we were married for so long without him! What did we do with all our time, we must have been so board not having a handsome little guy to fuss over! I love being a mom, it is the most fullfilling thing I have ever done!

Crafty Christmas Preview!!!

I have been so busy lately! I decided as my first Christmas not having a job I should make lots of my own presents! WOW, I didn't think it would take so much time. I can't show you everything I made because I dont want certain people seeing them, but heres a few...
I started with a snowman hat for Logan. I love knitting baby hats, But this one was more work than the usual ones I do!

Then I moved on to making a "few" pairs of pajamas, including matching BYU pants for Dan and Logan!(These are Logan's, he is asleep right now or I would have taken a picture with him modeling them. He looks SO cute in them!!!)
Then I decided Logan NEEDS a matching blanket for Christmas
During all of this I made a styrofoam birthday cake and decorated it for birthdays in primary(You can't see them in the picture, but there are little holes all over it for pencils to go in like candles for the birthday prize)
We also have 4 birthdays in 10 days between Dans family and mine. I decided I needed to hand make cards along with a "brag book" (or little scrapbook) for Dans mom Leslie. I didn't take any pictures of it, I really wish I had!
I have several more Christmas presents made, or in the works but I will have to post those after christmas!