Monday, January 21, 2008

Hats Off To Me!!!

Many of you may not know that Im a pretty crafty chic! My mom sent me a book of baby hats for knitting when I got pregnant and I had to start right away (even though I didnt know what I was having at the time). I really love to knit and crochet and have really developed my technique over the last year or two. I started with hats for Emma and Sophie, then continued with hats for friends (I even sold one for a lady at work to give as a shower gift!). If any of you enjoy this type of thing you should check out the book "Itty Bitty Hats" by Susan B. Anderson!Emmas hat has a bouquet of roses on top- she looked through the whole book and picked out the hat she wanted and all the colors too!I made this hat to take to the hospital for him to wear there... It will be the end of May so I dont think he will wear too many home made hats until he is about 5 months old!Dan made Nellie try on her little brothers hat! Sophies hat is supposed to be an upside down daisy on top
Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my new creations!!! Hopefully the rest of you can jump back on the blogging bandwagon again soon!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What a Trip!

Dan and I just got back this morning from our 5th anniversary trip/last big vacation before the baby. We stayed in ka'anapali on maui... it was WONDERFUL!!! We really enjoyed getting away from the cold weather and being able to relax together.

We arrived on thursday last week and as soon as we got checked into our hotel we hit our fav spot "Cheeseburger in paradise" for dinner. We walked around front street and enjoyed the nice weather!

On Friday we enjoyed some time at the pool, and took in the show they do at sunset. They have singing and fire dancing and a guy that runs up and dives off a cliff all with the sunsetting over the sea for a background!

Saturday we did the big trip "Road to Hana", which generally takes about 8 hours round trip! I was not super excited to spend a day in the car but the sites were amazing! I couldnt believe how different that side of the island looks.
We were able to see many waterfalls and made it all the way up to what they call the "7 sacred pools".

This is 7 natural pools overlooking the ocean that are all connected by waterfalls. Usually you can swim in it but because of all the rain they have had you could only hike to it and look down on it, which was still pretty cool.
About a mile from there is a tiny missionary church built in the 1800's where Charles Lindburg is burried (which is pretty cool for any pilot to see!). The church was so neat, and all the graves that surrounded it were really unique.

(lots of pictures from the road to Hana!)cool black sand beach!

On sunday we had a quiet day, we sat on the beach and tried to do a little snorkeling. The weather was a little yucky in the morning, but cleared up. We went out to a nice dinner that night at the hotel where they had a prime rib buffet.

On Monday we went to the pool for a while then headed to Haleakala, the volcano. It was really neat to see the crater and also see the island from that height. Dan had been there before on the bike tour my family did last time we were there, but I stayed at the hotel when they went. They quit doing the bike tours since then because of accidents!
And right before we left for our red eye flight home... here is me with my beloved virgin pina colada!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Half Way There!

I cant believe I'm typing this, but this week we will be half way to baby! It makes me a little nervous, I'm hoping the second half goes slower than the first! We took a few pictures on New Years Eve to commemorate the half way mark...I dont think Nellie is coping with the thought of being a big sister... my niece got a new puppy and Nellie is feeling a little insecure, and thats only a puppy she sees probably once a week! We had a wonderful Christmas, Dan was home for Christmas Eve but had to fly out early Christmas morning. We hope all of you enjoyed the Holidays, and we hope for a great New Year!