Thursday, April 24, 2008

Big Boy

So I think we should quit calling the baby "little guy" (as my sisters have named him... did we wait to long to pick out a name?). We went to the doctors on tuesday and I told the doctor (like I do every time) that Im nervous he is going to be huge. Dan weighed in at almost 10 pounds and I was like 7 pounds but a few weeks early. Every time I tell him he says he feels pretty normal, except this time! The Dr. said he is feeling a little big so we had an ultrasound done on Wednesday to check the size. I am 36 weeks right now and his body is measuring 37 weeks 1 day (not bad, just a little big) and already weighs 6 pounds 11 ounces. The only thing that measured really big was his head, measuring in at 39 weeks!!! We see the doctor next Wednesday so I am anxiously waiting to hear what the Dr. says about the ultrasound and we should also get a date of when he will induce me (he is inducing me mainly because then we know Dan will be there and not flying around the country somewhere). I will keep you updated!

MS Walk 2008

On April 12th Dan and I went to the MS walk in downtown Salt Lake. Our family goes every year to honor my brother in law Tyson who has MS. This year I didnt make the 3 mile walk (I waited at gateway with my mother in law who couldnt walk because she was having surgery on her knee the next week) but Dan took nellie on the walk. this Dans sister Katie with her husband TysonDans family who came, including nellie!

Friday, April 11, 2008

for Aunt Debbie

I noticed you wrote on my moms blog that I look hardly pregnant. I dont think I look ginormous, but I feel like I have gotten even bigger in the last week!!! Here is a picture to show how I really look!taken at 34 weeks on my 25th birthday

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Baby Shower and Family Visiting

Sorry I havent updated in so long! I quit working last week, so I really have no excuse not to blog. I had my baby shower last weekend, it was great. I had my mom, Aunt Marcia, and Whitney come from California. Cortney drove down with Kyle from Idaho. It was so nice to have everyone here! I got lots of great stuff at my shower, now I just need to organize it all and get it put away. I didnt take any pictures, but maybe I will have my mom put some on from her camera.

I also turned the big 25 today... doesnt that sound so grown up? I dont feel like a grown up! Ive been married 5+ years and I will have my first baby this year, I guess that sounds grown up... even if I dont feel it! I was thinking today if you had asked me what i would be doing on my 25th birthday on my 24th, I would not have said about to have a baby and not working! My life has taken such an unexpected turn this last year, but such a great one! I cant wait for all the exciting firsts I will have between now and my 26th birthday! This year will be full of growing my family and doing what I have always wanted to do, be a mom. I also think it will be a year where I do a lot of learning and growing myself, and a year where Dan and I will grow together as we start this new adventure.

Last bit of big news... I have had 2 engagments in our family since I last blogged!!! Dans brother Steven and his girlfriend Tara got engaged in March. Dan and I love Tara and we are so excited for her to be part of our crazy family. They are planning a wedding for June 14th (3 weeks after our little baby is due).
My sister Lindsey and her Boyfriend Matthew got engaged on April 4th. We are also really excited for Matthew to join our family... but we wonder if he knows what hes getting into!
Lindsey and Matthew (he goes by Matthew, not Matt) are planning their wedding for 6 days after Steves on June 20th (only 4 weeks after our baby is due!)... it is going to be a crazy month but atleast both weddings are here in Utah and we wont need to travel.

We are now just looking forward to our little boy making his entrance... especially me! We are planning to be induced about a week early, but wont know an exact date until the end of this month. We will have one more ultrasound at 37 weeks to check his size, Im really nervous he will be huge! Dan was almost 10 pounds! Im glad we will have him a little early, especially because that will give me an extra week to adjust before the weddings!

I hope everyone else is doing well, even though I havent blogged I have been reading everyones! Hugs and Kisses!