Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brynlee's 1st Birthday

We had a pretty laid back day on Brynlee's birthday. Dan was out of town so it was just the kids and I. I told Logan we could take B out to lunch, he picked Chick-fil-A. Big surprise. He enjoyed feeding her an ice cream cone! We had her birthday party the next day where we had lots of people come help us celebrate!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lincoln James Anderson

I am going to post out of order here because I am really excited to post this! (I have Brynlee's birthday and birthday party coming soon). I throw a pretty wild party, on Sunday night after Brynlee's party Tara went home and into labor. We now have the most beautiful perfect nephew born on Valentines day! (I am seriously tempted to call him Romeo). I was finally able to go down to Riverton to meet the little guy today. He is TINY! Way smaller than either of my kids. Here's the new mom and dad at B's party. Little did we know Lincoln would be here in 12 hours!

Wearing the hat I made him!There is nothing more handsome than a new daddy holding his babyThese handsome Anderson menTara is so happy!Steve even gave her the giggles at one point!The new little family(on a side note, this is the 1,000th picture I have taken since getting my new camera for Christmas. Thats a lot of pictures!)Congrats Steve and Tara. I know you are going to be great parents! I know this seems like a lot of pictures, but it is just a taste of the 52 I took!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Brynlee's Year in Review

Brynlee is ONE!!! Our little girl has had one busy first year, she has already lived in 3 states! I was so sick every single day I was pregnant, I was SO ready for Brynlee to come! I am so glad she was early!
She was such an easy, sweet baby right from the one month old Brynlee was put back into the hospital. I don't think I have ever been so scared in my whole life. Here she is shortly after having her PICC line inserted.2 months old, almost back to normal and healthy.3 months old on her blessing day4 months old5 months old at a concert in the park6 months old7 months old, on her first hay ride
8 months old
(I don't know why I can't find the file with her pictures around 9 months old!)
10 months old11 months oldAnd finally at almost 12 months. We are so greatful to have our spunky little girl, she brings so much excitment (and usually screeching)to our lives.

Friday, February 4, 2011

I Admit It...

I am willing to admit it. I am a bad mom. I have had the hardest time taking Logan's binky away. He only gets it when going to bed, and according to Dan I have had "good excuses" for over a year now not to take it away. Dan finally forced the issue and we (mostly him) decided its time. We talked at length about it with Logan and we came up with a plan that included 3 of his loves. His binky, the moon, and airplanes. We decided we would take his binky to the aerospace museum and leave it with an airplane to fly it to the moon.
Before we left that morning he willingly put his binky in his pocket to take. He was so excited to see all the airplanes!I love this picture. Logan is such a mini DanLogan and Brynlee in the learning center
The chosen plane. Dan could tell you all about the plane, I just know it is the fastest airplane in the world.Placement of the binkyI was able to photograph the plane my grandfather flew in World War IIBrynlee just wanted to get out of her stroller and run around!
We had a great morning, Logan was really brave about leaving his binky. He has done really good going to bed at night without his binky, okay at naptime. Poor kid.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Logan's New Fish (Plural

Logan's Aunt Becky let Logan take home a scoop of guppies when we were at her house the other night. I thought one scoop wouldn't have too many fish in it... after getting home I counted 26! Logan was in heaven going to Walmart alone with his Daddy for a fish tank and supplies. He loved setting everything up for his new "fishies".

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tara's First Baby Shower

Last Saturday Tara's family threw her a baby shower. We were so excited to go, and I was lucky to take a few pictures while I was there!
Logan has such fun cousins to play with! Logan and AshleeLogan and RileeLogan enjoying a cupcakeAunt Becky taught him to show me how much he was enjoying itTara's sweet mom watching her open presentsMy tired kids ready for their naps by the time the shower was over!
Hopefully our shower for Tara next week will be a success also!