Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Most Amazing Matthew!

Tonight we were SO excited to go see Matthew play in their kickoff game for BYU Basketball. He is AMAZING! We are so impressed with how hard he has been working (and it really showed tonight). Dan laughed at me, but I totally cried when they announced him onto the court at the beginning. Matthew played with such great skill and hustle, I cant wait to see what the season holds for him, along with the next 4 years! Congrats Matthew, we are so proud of you! GO PINEGAR #20! GO COUGARS!at home before the gameLindsey and Logan during warm upsLogan loved watching the court and the game
action shots (im not the best photographer)Emma in her BYU Cheer outfit
Big night for Logan, He was all tuckered out by the end!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Monday was Dans 29th Birthday! I can't believe he is so close to 30 now, how did I get married to such an older guy? I still feel 20! This was Dans first birthday as a Daddy, so I thought I would post why he is such a great Dad!
1. He works SO hard for us. He flies his regular schedule plus is working in management at a Chick Fil A store so he can eventually be home more to hang out with us
2. Nobody can make Logan laugh and smile like Dan. Logan hears Dans voice and will erupt into giggles!
3. When he holds Logan and Looks at him, you can see how much he loves our little boy
4. When Dan is gone he misses us so much. He usually sends me a text message by the time he gets to the airport saying he wishes he didn't have to leave us and he misses us already
5. On Dans birthday I offered to get a babysitter and go out with him just the 2 of us. He decided he spends enough time away from us and he wanted to hang out with his buddy on his birthday! (we still made it to tepinyaki, Logan slept through dinner)
6. Dan always makes up songs and sings to Logan. There is nothing sweeter than hearing a Daddy sing to his boy. The songs always rhyme and are about Logan (and sometimes Nelly)

We love you Dan, Thanks for everything you do! We hope you enjoy this last year of your 20s while enjoying Logans first year!

"Cute" Uncle Scott

(From Logan)
My Uncle Scott is the coolest! He always plays with me, and tells me I am so cute (even if his daughter thinks its funny he says cute!). He tells me I can be a linebacker, of course for our favorite BYU! He ALWAYS offers to play with my while my mom eats dinner without a baby in her arms grabbing at everything! He also lets me try and eat his hands. He is always SO FUN!
Here we are in our Cougar gear!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Picture Post

I just wanted to take a second and post a few pictures. Not much is new, Dan is 29 Monday!!!
this is from when we met ashley and diane for lunch on our way to micheleslogan and i at superhero night at beckys chick fil a
at superhero night with batman (dans brother steve) nephew isaiah with batmanim a cougar!logan loves nellie and can barely stand not getting ahold of hertrying to eat nellie, you cant tell but nellie was screeching in this picture trying to get away from logan logan will play with his toys until he falls asleeplike father like son, logan and dan asleep exactly the same
just hanging out, looking cute logan loves to eat, i cant even eat around him without him reaching and whining for some!
i cant believe the last 5 months have gone so fast.
happy birthday lindsey and matthew!

Monday, October 13, 2008

catching up

i have really slacked off on blogging, it has been a crazy few weeks. on sept 24th we left and went to vegas for a night. we stayed with my grandma and visited with my uncle paul, on the 25th i took my grandma with me to california. the next day we all loaded in the car for a drive up to fresno to visit my cousin, then turned around and drove home the next night!

we went to micheles for her little boys first birthday. it was so fun to visit (and a little crazy, imagine 7 women in a half off old navy sale) and michele did such a great job with lincolns birthday. i still cannot get over the cake! on our way up we stopped for lunch with my aunt diane and her youngest daughter ashley (she is a year older than me). ashley just had her second little daughter, she was so tiny!!! i dont remember logan ever being that small!

a few days after we got back to my moms whitney took me into her spa! it was just what i needed! i had an hour masage (whitney is tiny, but she is so strong!), then we sat in the sauna, and then we had an amazing bath... that sounded weird, not together. whit had a seaweed bath and i had a fango mud bath. they have 2 HUGE tubs to a room and it is quiet, the lights are dim, it was so relaxing! whitneys spa is really nice, im so ready to go back!

the night before we came home i got a message from my next door neibor (who was a friend of mandys in high school, what are the chances they live next door now? oh, and he was jons mission companion) that our basement had flooded! there was no way for anybody to get into our house and we just had to leave it over night! we keep all our scrapbooking stuff we sell on ebay down in our basement, i was really worried we would lose a lot of product but, fortunatly, nothing was damaged! we had about an inch of water in part of our basement but everything that was sitting in water was in plastic bins and didnt get wet! chad and sarah (my neibors) came and vacuumed it up right when i got home!

we stayed in california for 2 weeks, i was sad to go home but ready to see my puppy (she wasnt too pleased to see me after the spoiling she gets from lindsey and matthew!). within 2 days of getting home logan woke up in middle of the night with a temperature of 102.8! he just had a cold, but he has never been sick! so after a call to my mom at 4 am and a doctors visit we are doing ok. of course dan got the cold, and now im getting it while he is gone and i have no help! times like now i have a difficult time with dans job. he is working so hard right now, i hate to complain. i know it kills him to be away from logan, and with both jobs he basically works 7 days a week! he has been home for 2 anniversaries (we will have our 6th in december), 2 of the 6 christmas', 3 of my 7 birthday, and only 2 of his own. i try not to think poor me, he doesnt want to be away for any of those either! im really hoping next year will be better and he will have opportunities that allow him to be home more!
here are a bunch of pictures to go with my post!
logan was so good on the drive to fresno! he slept naked most of the time (it was SO hot!)
eating my moms couch watching football (he loves watching football, i guess i wont turn him into a girl after all)
asleep with grandpa on the couch
eating prunes, i felt so mean because you couldnt pay me to eat those!
all he wanted to do while he was sick was cuddle with me! where did fall go? it was 85 last week and saturday we woke up with snow! im really not ready for this!!! this is the field behind our housetime for cute warm church clothes!