Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hot Love

There is nothing like a hot basket of laundry waiting for you when you wake up from your nap on a cold day.

Baby pictures

I have had several requests for baby pictures because Brynlee looks so much like Logan did!
Here is Logan

Here is Brynlee

Here is Dan

And here is Chelsea

So what do you think? Who looks like who?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

She Is Not a Doll

We decided to take some fun pictures of Brynlee today. She was not amused. Dan thought it was kind of mean... he was worried I thought she was a doll or something. I just cant resist a picture of a baby crying! I think it is so cute!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Due Date


is SO much better than

Today is Brynlee's due date. I am SO grateful she came early so I don't have to be sick anymore! Right now I weigh more than 20 pounds less than when I found out I was pregnant with her, who loses that much weight when they are pregnant? Being sick for that long was awful, but now I have such a sweet little girl! Plus, if Im looking on the bright side, even my pre-pregnancy clothes are already too big!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Reading with Logan

Logan was so excited yesterday to have Brynlee lay on his bed while he read her a book. He is so sweet with her, I love when he wants to sing to her or kiss her!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Colorful Stripes

Logan and Brynlee both looked so cute today in their bright striped outfits, I had to take a few pictures! Logan is working on being a really good brother, and doing a pretty good job. Brynlee is such an easy baby, just like Logan was. I am really enjoying watching Logan interact with her, hopefully it still goes well after my parents are gone!

I also found Dan cuddling the 2 of them right before bed the other night. Dan is such a great "hands-on" dad!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pictures of Logan and Brynlee

Everything is going really well here, I just thought I would post a few pictures for everyone to see! Logan has been such a great brother! He loves Brynlee and really tries hard to help. Recovery has been so easy for me, so I have been trying to take lots of time to play with Logan. We will be so happy to have Grammie get here tonight! (Sorry, all the pictures are on here out of order, this is from this morning) Logan loves to help feed Brynlee (this was right after we got home from the hospital yesterday)
Brynlee when we got home yesterday minus her hat I made. I guess I didnt take a picture in that hat, but it is really cute with polka dots!
Logan meeting Brynlee at the hospital. This is his binky he is sharing with her!
He was so excited to see her, but he was worried Daddy was taking pictures instead of looking.
Right after she was born, she looks big in this picture but she is tiny! Now Im glad lindsey sent a few preemie and newborn outfits!
The 3 of us just minutes after she was born.
Brynlee is such a sweet baby and we have had an easy time so far. We all got lots of sleep last night and Im feeling great!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Brynlee Louise Anderson

Brynlee Louise arrived by surprise this morning at 10:11 am. I was overdue with Logan and really keeping my fingers crossed it wouldn't happen again. Last night I started having contractions and went right into labor on my own! I had some pretty scary problems with my low blood pressure, but once we got it worked out everything went great! We are so happy she is here and healthy.

Brynlee and I right after she was born. Do I look tired? I never got to go to sleep last night!
Here she is in the hospital hat I knit here. She looks so much like Logan did but with a different nose.
no children under the age of 4 are allowed in the hospital but we have nice nurses who let us sneak Logan in to meet Brynlee. He was so excited and started saying "baby, baby". He gave her a kiss, gave her his binky, but then wanted to show us where her eyes are by screaming "eyes" right in her face and poking her eyes! We will have to work on that. (Doesn't Daddy look so happy! Brynlee already has Dan wrapped around her finger) I am so happy to have both my babies here, and everyone is happy and healthy. Most of all I am glad I am not pregnant anymore!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ready as I can be

I finally feel as ready as I am going to! We have all had haircuts, we have a tentative name picked, clothes are put away, care is lined up for logan, I am having tons of contractions, now we just need her to come! 11 days to my due date... really hoping I dont last that long!
Here is just a funny picture. Logan refused to lay down for his nap without his hat on. What a funny little personality he has!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Ice Storm

What do you do during your first ice storm and all of us are stuck in the house for 3 days straight?

First you hit up Walmart for supplies (and you let your kid wear a hat that is too small on him because it makes him happy)

You bring your outdoor toys inside just for something to do

When you are sick of your mom and dad, you demand your personal space

You take pictures of the ice built up on the stairs

You get things ready for the baby! Logan was really helpful...

With only 2 weeks left until my due date we are making some progress to be ready. Almost everything is clean and put away, we have Logan's care squared away, and we are all cranky to get the show on the road. We STILL need to pick a name and finish up a few little things. Lets hope we can hold it together for a few more weeks!