Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Busy Week

Last weekend I had the chance to go up to Utah. We had such a great time! On Saturday Dan and I went to see Jeff and Mary, we had a nice visit with them. On Saturday night Lindsey came up to Salt Lake and went with Dan, Katie, Tyson and I to my brother Michaels play. He played one of the leads in the importance of being Ernest. He was SO GREAT!!! The theater airconditioner was broken so it was a little toasty, but what a joy to see him in his element. It was really funny to pick up on behaviors of Michael in his portrayal of the character, like the way he says some things. It was really nice to have Lindsey come up to hang out too!

On Sunday we saw all of Dans family. We were able to go see my brother Stevens new house. I was really surprised how clean it was. The house is really cute (sorry- im not sure he wants to hear cute for his bachelor pad!). He is trying to rent out some of the rooms and downstairs they have a really cool music room. Im guessing it is where his band practices. We were also able to see Becky and her family. My niece Ashlee just lost two teeth and was so excited to show them off. This picture is from right when we walked in the door and she showed us right away! She really looked so cute. From what i understood the first one fell out, then the second one was loose and she was brave and asked her mom to pull it out!

I have been busy at work and trying to get my house cleaned up this week. I was thinking about Cortney today and her post a few weeks ago about the whole "are you pregnant" thing. Today one of my very nice patients mentioned that he could tell I "dont look like I miss too many meals"!!! I felt like I have been doing so good (notice I am down 67 pounds) but now I am thinking I need to spend hours at the gym this week!

I hope everyone is doing okay! I will talk to you all soon! Love you!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Only 5 Days???

I was just looking at moms blog and I noticed the "Whit and Ryans big day" countdown said only 5 days since the wedding! I feel like it has been weeks since the wedding!

I can't say enough about how great the wedding went. We had such a great time, and I really think Whitney and Ryan enjoyed it. I realized that I took no pictures during the wedding or week leading up to it, so I have no pictures to post. Hopefully my mom will find a few to put up for me from her house. I think my favorite part of the wedding (all the events) was the ceremony. I really thought it was neat that it was so personalized because he knows Whitney and Ryan. I also love that when you go to sealings it reminds you of your own.

I really hope our family can get together again soon, not in a few more years at another wedding! I hope everyone made it back okay and are all recovering. I slept all day Monday and Tuesday to try and get over my aweful cold. I am back at work, but still feeling a little yucky. Dan will be home from his first trip tomorrow. We have a fun weekend planned- clean and organize the house! I really want to get everything in the house done so we can go see my brother Michaels play in Salt Lake next week. He is in "The Importance Of Being Earnest" right now, and in a few months will be in (my favorite) "Brigadoon"! Talk to you all soon, Love you!