Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kyllers Adoption!

We made it home from our trip just in time for the Pickles big day! We went to court Tuesday for Kyllers final adoption hearing, its (finally) final! Im so glad we made it there, it was really neat to hear them award Kyller to Becky and Scott after so many months. Kyller is suchh a special guy, I cant imagine our family without him! He Loves Logan so much, and is always so sweet to him... he even shares his light saber with him!
we also gave Logan a haircut. He doesnt have a lot of hair but he has a lot of half inch hairs, and a lot of random 3 inch hairs! He didnt really mind it, he just wanted to hold (and eat) the comb!notice Nellie in the back, scared she's next!

A Long Needed Vacation!

We had a fabulous vacation! Logan and I went and spent a few days with my mom, then left him there while we headed on a cruise with Dans brother Steven and his wife Tara. Dan has been working 7 days a week since September... he REALLY needed a vacation, and I REALLY needed 4 days of undivided attention!
When Dan met us in California we decided to take Logan swimming for the first time. He was a little worried at first, but by the end he layed back and spread his arms out and started to fall asleep. He loves bathtime more than anything else, it was like taking a big bath with Mom and Dad!!!
We left on our cruise Thursday, we had so much fun! Steve and Tara are a lot of fun to travel with. We sat in the hot tub, went down the slide in the pool, ate a lot, and took lots of pictures! On Friday we were in Mexico. We took a tour of the city, a little shopping district, and their blowhole.
Dan and I had been there before, but it was pretty and NOT raining this time! We had an excellent mexican food lunch, and we saw the BLACK PEARL (from the movie Pirates of the Caribean)! The boat was parked in a dry dock behind a fence near the city center, but we got as close as we could to take pictures.
I really wish Scott was there to see it! We watched Steven do kareoke (AWESOME), and even had a dressy night for dinner.
When we got off the boat Sunday, we couldn't have gotten home any faster to see Logan. He had so much fun with my parents, and got really attached to my mom. He still looks around for her when he gets up in the morning! We got home Monday and I've been trying to catch up on laundry and cleaning the house since then... back to real life! Nellie stayed with Lindsey and Matthew, they spoil her! She is still mad we made her come home!
Even though it was hard to leave LJ, Im so glad we made it on vacation! Thanks Steve and Tara for going with us!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

On a slow boat to...

So Dan has been working 7 days a week since September, it is time to get away!!! I wish I could say we are taking a slow boat to China (who couldn't use a little Midler and Manilow in their lives?), it would be nice to be alone with Dan for a week or so! We are taking a short cruise to Mexico with Dans brother Steven and his wife Tara! We are SO excited to go!!! I will be so sad to leave Logan behind for 3 long nights, but it will be good for me too. Am I a bad mom to leave him so soon? He is really turning into a monkey! He is at such a fun age, he just wants to explore and discover EVERYTHING! I caught Nellie giving him kisses on the lips the other day, I think after 8 1/2 months she is finally warming up to him! He is almost crawling, he just isn't strong enough to get such a huge body off the floor! I know he is chubby, but mostly he is just so dang tall!

ALSO, I noticed everyone has quit blogging! Is anyone reading my blog during their hiatus, or should I quit too??? I hope everyone is doing great, and I hope to catch up on everyones blog soon!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentines Day Pictures

Logan has a really cute Valentines shirt, I decided to take a few pictures today while Dan was here to help! Who wouldn't be SO lucky to have such a handsome kid as their Valentine? here is a picture of the "new" me (more blonde and otherwise). Happy Valentines everyone!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

I have the coolest mom! She is always doing for everybody else! She is generous, kind, and SO much fun!!! Happy Birthday Mom!

Logan's Hospital Stay

Logan was put in the hospital last week overnight while he had croup. The nursing staff at Primary Childrens were amazing. He is doing so much better now!He has had to continue breathing treatments since being home until today, yeah!