Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Logans Blessing

we waited so long to bless logan between weddings, vacation, and dans work schedule. we finally got it done last sunday, with everyone there except whitney and ryan (we missed you!). Dan did such an excellent job. my dad told me that logan woke up when they got up in the circle but he just sat and stared at dan the whole time. he never made a sound. we are so lucky to have such a sweet baby that has enriched our family and relationship with each other so much. i feel so blessed to have the life i do right now! all the guys with logan
the grandparentsthe kershaws the andersons

i havent really taken the time to blog much more than pictures lately. at 9 weeks he weighs 11 pounds 3 ounces and is such a joy. he sleeps about 7 hours in a row at night and hardly ever cries. he loves to smile and giggle, especially if you make a ch-ch-ch sound at him. he is ticklish on his tummy. he got a cold and a rash and looked like a scaley fish for about a week. when he is sad the thing that calms him the fastest is his daddy singing to him. he can hold his head up and has turned over 3 times from tummy to back. we love him and cant imagine our lives without him!


24th of july bbq
he is an excellent sleeper, he is so peaceful
just chillin out
he is cute even when he cries!
heres a random picture of matthew feeding sophie a rib at a bbq last week!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

mandys birthday

i only had time to load the pictures on this and the next 4 entries, but i promise to come back and write too!

leatherbys... yummm

happy baby

4th of july bbq

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

most random catch up blog

so im at my moms house for 11 days and i decided to just blog a few pictures she has on her computer...
wasnt logan cute when he was born?! this is aunt marcia meeting him at the hospitalwhitney meeting logan for the first timemy family the night lindsey went through the templeemma being the best babysitter cousin. since being at my moms she has helped me with everything including bath time!logan at his first rodeo